What Size ATV Should I Buy For My Child?

Riding an ATV also means that your kid is coming of age. He now has more control over a vehicle he is going to ride and an understanding about his own safety.

If you are trying to get your child interested in gardening and it isn’t working, it’s best to buy an ATV which will keep him interested in outdoor activities.


But you can’t buy just about any ATV for your kid. The size of the engine (cc) matters and this you have to choose depending on the age of your child.

Children can start riding an ATV from 3 years of age. But as their age increases, so does the engine size and functionalities.

If you aren’t sure what sort of ATV your little one should ride, check out this guideline!

3 Factors for Assessing the Right Size Atv for Your Kid

1. The physical development and capability

Some parents overlook this factor. Maybe your child is capable of riding an ATV age wise. But is he physically ready to ride it? Here’s some things you should check:

  • Your child must have the right height to ride a particular ATV. Check the recommended height of the ATV you are looking to buy.
  • Is he strong enough to move the handlebar side to side without any stress? If he can’t move the handlebar yet or feels discomfort, then he isn’t ready for an ATV.
  • The kid needs to be able to squeeze the brake lever. Without operating a brake lever, it’s highly dangerous to ride an ATV.
  • The last and most important thing is maintaining balance. If your kid hasn’t yet mastered riding a bike, then an ATV is not for him.

2. Emotional strength

The emotional strength we are referring to is your kid’s ability to control the ATV and follow safety rules. He should know what’s the difference between rash riding and safe riding. He should be able to control his urges to ride faster. If you have any doubts regarding these points, it’s best to wait a few months more for your kid to become more mature.

Some kids might develop better emotional strength and you can certainly allow him to ride a higher CC bike if he has reached the appropriate height.

We recommend talking with your kid’s friends, siblings and relatives.

3. Appropriate age

Age is the easiest factor to assess the size of an ATV appropriate for your child. We divided ATVs into 4 categories starting from 3 years to 16 years of age. This should be good enough to decide what ATV you should buy.

ATV Sizes According to Age

1. Age 3-5 Years

Recommended Engine Size: Only battery-powered ATVs are recommended with 12-24.

Popular models: Roll Play 12V, Power wheels 12V, Razor Dirt 24V

Facts you should know:

  • Gas powered ATVs aren’t recommend for children under 6 years
  • For kids in the 3-5 years range, it’s best to buy a battery powered ATV
  • Initially, go with a 12V battery ATV that will reach a speed of 3 mph and as your child turns 5, a 24V battery ATV will be suitable. After that, your child will become eligible for a gas powered ATV.
  • ATVs for kids of this age should have a 40 lbs capacity.

2. Age 6-11 Years

Recommended Engine Size: 50-110 cc

Popular models: X Sports Mini 50, Apache Mini 70, Kayo Fox 70

Facts you should know:

  • Initially start with 50cc ATVs.
  • A 10-year-old will be comfortable riding an ATV in the range of 70-110cc. Children with higher than average height should go for 110cc ATV models.
  • Go for single-speed automatic transmission instead of clutch based ATVs as these ATVs will be easier to handle
  • The minimum required weight limit for this category is 65 lbs
  • The ATVs in this category should be between 25-37-in tall. So, match this up with your kid’s height.
  • You will also get a throttle limiter for controlling the speed of the bike. As your child becomes better at riding and conscious about safety, you can up the speed.

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3. Age 12-15 Years

Recommended Engine Size: 90-120 cc

Popular models: Yamaha raptor 90, Tao Motor Raptor 120, Xpro 125cc

Facts you should know:

  • ATVs at 90cc can reach speeds up to 40 mph and will keep kids at this age highly interested.
  • Kids who are more mature and understand the fundamentals of safe riding can ride 120cc ATVs or even 125cc ATVs and there’s no legal issues.
  • Like the previous category, you will also find throttle limiter on these ATVs. If you suspect that your kid isn’t ready for higher speeds, just use the limiter.

4. Age 16+

Recommended Engine Size: 120cc+

Popular models: Tao motor 125, Vitacci 125

Facts you should know

  • ATVs up to 200cc should be safe enough for kids over 18 years.
  • The 250cc ATVs should only be allowed to ride if your kid has developed advanced skills and has a long history of riding ATVs from an early age.
  • No throttle limiter in this category. So, you don’t have any control. Make sure your kid is mature enough to ride independently at high speeds.

Final Thoughts

That’s all for now. It’s not really tough to choose an ATV. Just follow the age guideline and use your own judgement, you will find an ATV that will be safe to ride. Kids under 16 should be kept under guidance and make sure they don’t escape the riding range you have set.

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