Best 4 wheeler for 10-year-olds – 2023 Reviews

It’s easy to keep your little toddlers busy with various indoor and outdoor toys. But when it comes to entertaining your young kid, well, you need to choose something adventurous and fun. 

And what else is better than a real vehicle to ride for a 10-year-old? An ATV keeps your kid entertained, active, and sound all at the same time. But, as amazing as it is to ride an ATV, choosing the best 4-wheeler for your 10-year-old is not so fun. We know. 


That’s why I have done the boring chore for you. We have analyzed the current market, picked the 10 high-performing 4-wheelers, and tested them for you.

10 Best 4 Wheeler for 10-Year-Old Reviews

1. X-PRO 110cc ATVs 4 Wheeler

Speed limit: 15 mph

Power: Gas 110cc

Fuel tank capacity: 0.61 gal

Weight capacity: 132

X-PRO 110cc ATV Quads Youth ATV

A lot of the parents think that a gas-powered 4 wheeler is not safe for a 10-year-old. The X-Pro 110cc is built with child safety in mind. Considering it only goes up to 15 mph, you won’t have to worry about safety.

The X-Pro has an automatic transmission. So children can focus primarily on riding rather than learning to operate a hand-operated clutch. Yes, it’s that easy to ride. On top of that, the rear hydraulic braking system gives more control and smooth braking.

The front and rear tires looked pretty thick to us. So, they will provide proper ground clearance and also traction when riding on different surfaces. However, the wheels are a bit hard to put on. You will need to give some extra effort to get them installed.

One of the most popular options in kid’s 4 wheelers is a throttle limiter. Well, this one has it. You can easily limit the speed to a lower range and gradually increase it as your kid grows old.

For ultra safety, you will find a remote engine kill fob. When your kid goes on a ramp and acts crazy, just turn off the engine and let the fun for the day end.

Apart from the hassle to install it which is common with these vehicles, this beast is worth spending money on.

  • Automatic transmission replaced hand-operated clutch and children can focus on riding.
  • Easy to get started as there is an electric start function.
  • Control the speed of the vehicle with the throttle limiter.
  • Smooth and safe braking with rear hydraulic disc brake.
  • It can take some time to install the rear wheels. You need to have some basics about how four-wheelers work.
  • Sometimes, when the temperature outside is low, the engine won’t start the first time. You need to try several times.


2. Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart

Speed limit: 15 mph

Power: Electric

Battery run time: 30 minutes

Weight capacity: 220 lb

 Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart

The Segway Gokart Kit is the Tesla of kids’ ride-on toys. Just adding up a Ninebot S or Segway miniPro, you can instantly get your hands on a GoKart for your 10-year-old kid.

One of the standout features of this Gokart kit is you can adjust the frame length and steering wheel height to fit riders ranging from 4’3” to 6’5” height. And, it’s also pretty easy to adjust it using an Allen wrench.

Talking about control, your kid can get precision steering abilities because of its high steering ratio. There’s even a mechanical handbrake apart from the electric brake to make it safer for kids of this age.

We tested out and found that the Gokart can handle light splashes of water. But it’s not waterproof. Probably the coolest feature is the ability to control the speed of this kart from an app. Have a crazy kid? Limit the speed to just 5 mph.

The only issue is you will need a medium to large space outside your home for your child to enjoy riding it. The high speed and wide turning radius are the factors behind this challenge.

Nonetheless, we were impressed by the build quality, battery health, and overall futuristic design of this 4 wheeler ride-on toy.

  • Impressive design that can attract any kid to ride with joy.
  • Precision steering ability makes sure that riding is easier and safe.
  • High tech parental control lets you adjust the speed of your smartphone.
  • The battery is ultra-durable and even gives sufficient backup.
  • Because of how this go-kart is designed, you will need to find a large open space in order for the child to fully enjoy riding it.


3. FIT Right 2020 Electric Go Kart

Speed limit: 20 mph

Power: Electric 48 volt

Weight capacity: 175 lbs

FRP Baja-X 48V 1000W Brushless Electric Go Kart

The Fit-Right go-kart is perfect for anyone looking for a fun, outdoor activity. The go-kart is made of high-tensile steel and has pneumatic tires. That construction makes it sturdy and able to handle a variety of terrain.

It also comes with a disc brake, which makes it safe to use. The Fit-Right has three-speed settings. So, whether your kid is a beginner or an experienced driver, you’ll be able to find a suitable speed that’s comfortable for your kid and you as a parent.

The powerful 48-volt electric motor makes it easy to handle and quick to accelerate. It also has a reverse setting. So, you can easily get out of any tricky spots that you accidentally stepped in.

The battery life indicator on the dashboard is gonna keep you informed of how much power you have left. It helps you to always be prepared. The go-kart is easy to assemble and comes with a charger, so you can get started right away.

The only downside is that the product manual does not match the product. The manual says that the go-kart comes with an onboard charger. But, the actual charger has to be plugged into the go-kart. This might be a minor inconvenience. Yet overall, the Fit-right is a great product.

  • High-tensile steel construction combined with pneumatic tires makes the vehicle sturdy and durable.
  • Features a disc brake, which ensures a safe and smooth ride.
  • Another great thing is this quad runs so smooth on the ground that it does not even damage the grass.
  • The product manual doesn’t match. It claims in the manual that it has an onboard charger whereas it has to be plugged in the battery directly.
  • For the price, the product seems to be cheaply made.


4. Razor Dirt Quad 500 – 36V Electric 4-Wheeler 

Speed limit: 9 mph

Power: Electric 36V

Run time: 68 minutes

Weight capacity: 220 lbs

Razor Dirt Quad 500 - 36V Electric 4-Wheeler

If you’re looking for a powerful dirt quad that can handle rugged off-road terrain, the Razor Dirt Quad is the perfect option. This pumped-up dirt quad is perfect for older riders who are looking for a step up in size and adventure.

This quad features twist-grip throttle control, a rear disc brake, and a front brush bar. Its adjustable riser handlebars along with soft rubber grips allow your kid a comfortable position.

The Razor Dirt Quad is big enough to tackle any rugged off-road terrain. Yet, it’s lightweight enough for younger riders to maneuver. And that’s what makes it one of the best four-wheelers for 10-year-olds. The quad also has a great pneumatic tire design that helps absorb bumps and shocks which offers a more comfortable ride.

With all the amazing design and features, the Razor Dirt Quad does have a few drawbacks. One is that it does not have a reverse gear, which can be a bit of a hassle when trying to move it around. Besides that, there’s no padding on the seat which might be uncomfortable on a long ride.

Overall, Razor Dirt Quad is a great option for older riders who are looking for a step up in size and adventure. It’s hard to find one quad that’s lightweight and sturdy enough to handle a variety of terrains at the same time.

  • Pumped-up dirt quad is the perfect step up in size and adventure for older riders.
  • Features twist-grip throttle control with a soft grip that offers a comfortable posture while riding.
  • Great pneumatic tires that absorb the bumps and vibrations.
  • There’s no reverse gear in this quad. So, the riders need to be careful and avoid crashing on a hard spot.
  • The seat has no padding which makes it somewhat uncomfortable.


5. Razor Dune Buggy

Speed limit: 9 mph

Power: Electric 24V2

Run time: 40+ min

Weight Capacity: 120 lbs

 Razor Dune Buggy

The Razor Dune Buggy is a great choice for a beginner rider. It has a speed limit of 9 mph, making it a safe choice for those just starting out. The electric 24V2 motor is powerful and provides plenty of run time – up to 40 minutes or more.

The 8-inch knobby pneumatic tires with rear suspension make the Razor Dune an excellent choice for off-road use. The hand throttle and brake controls are easy to use and provide a smooth, comfortable ride. The thumb trigger acceleration control and hand-operated rear disk brake make it easy for kids to operate this buggy.

The frame is made of durable tubular steel and the padded bucket seat has a seatbelt for safety. This vehicle also comes with a variable speed, high torque, chain-driven motor.

The front wheels are on independent spindle arms connected by a galvanized steel adjustable tie rod. This makes the 4 wheeler easy to steer and allows for a smooth ride.

The bucket seat is hard plastic and comes with a seatbelt. For kids, it does not seem to be an issue. However, for adults, a more comfortable seat would be appreciated. Overall, the Razor Dune Buggy is the best 4 wheeler for 10-year-olds who are just starting up riding a quad.

  • Sturdy construction able-bodied to traverse a variety of terrains.
  • Allows older kids to travel up to 9 mph and has a weight capacity of 120 lbs.
  • It features hand throttle and brake controls as well as a thumb trigger acceleration control which makes it an amazing choice for beginners.
  • Durable tubular steel frame and padded bucket seat with seatbelt offer extra security.

  • The product is heavy and difficult to move around which is not suitable for little kids with less strength.
  • The speed limit cannot be adjusted without an additional device which means there’s no parental control.


6. X-PRO Bolt 110 110cc ATV

Speed limit: Not specified. 30 mph approx

Power: Gas 110 cc

Weight Capacity: 200lbs

 X-PRO Bolt 110 110cc ATV

There is a lot to love about the X-PRO Bolt, but there are also a few things that could use some improvement. Let’s start with the good stuff. This 110cc 4-stroke engine is highly reliable and designed to prevent overheating, which is a huge plus.

Additionally, the quad comes equipped with a luggage rack. And it’s perfect for carrying extra gear when you’re out riding. Another great feature is the wireless remote cut-off switch and speed governor which can be easily accessed on the right side handlebar. This allows you to limit the speed of the quad to as low as 5km/h or increase it as your child grows into it.

Now for the not-so-good stuff. Unfortunately, the assembly instructions are a bit confusing and don’t match up exactly with the quad itself or the accompanying Amazon video. Additionally, some users have noted that it doesn’t handle small hills or mudholes very well.

Overall, the X-PRO Bolt is one of the best ATVs for 10-year-olds for the price. It has a few flaws, but the good definitely outweighs the bad. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable quad for your child, the X-PRO Bolt is a great option.

  • Highly reliable and designed to prevent overheating.
  • The quad comes equipped with a luggage rack which is perfect for carrying extra stuff.
  • The wireless remote cut-off switch and speed governor feature offers great parental control.
  • The X-PRO Bolt doesn’t handle small hills or mudholes very well.


7. TAO TAO 110cc ATV Four Wheelers

Speed limit: 35 mph

Power: Gas 110 cc

Fuel capacity: 2.4L

Weight capacity: 132 lbs

TAO TAO 110cc ATV Fully Automatic Four Wheelers

The next on the list of our best four-wheelers for 10 years old is the Tao Tao 110cc ATV. If you are looking for a fully automatic ATV, then this is your go. It’s gas-powered and comes with a speed governor, so you can control the speed perfectly.

It has smaller wheels which make it easy to adjust the throttle governor to a lower speed. And even after adjusting the throttle, it has enough torque to make it up to the hills.

The brake system of this four-wheeler is also excellent as there are both front and rear brakes and a hydraulic disc. It also has a foot brake and a hand brake. So, your child is extra safe with this ATV.

This particular ATV is also suitable for younger kids who are just starting out. Because this automatic four-wheeler is very easy to operate and it has a low seat height. The Tao Tao 110cc ATV is also CARB-approved for use in California.

One thing to note is that the ATV can be temperamental in cold weather; if the temperature falls below 40 degrees, the unit may not start. However, this is to be expected with most gas-powered vehicles.

Overall, the TAO TAO 110cc ATV is a great choice for someone looking for an affordable and reliable option for an off-road vehicle.

  • It has both front and rear brakes which makes it easy to operate the ATV.
  • Comes with both a foot brake and hand brake.
  • Smaller wheels make it easy to adjust the throttle.
  • Low seat height makes it suitable for younger toddlers as well.


    8. X-PRO 125cc ATV 4 wheelers

    Speed limit: 35+ mph

    Power: Gas 125 cc

    Weight capacity: 142 lbs

     X-PRO 125cc ATV 4 wheeler

    If you are someone who just cannot compromise with the build and features of a product, look no further than the X-PRO 125cc ATV. This powerful and fun-packed with its automatic transmission and electric start offer ease for the riders. Operating this ATV is so easy that even novice riders can start out with this beast.

    The package arrives with a 70% assembled product in a metal crate. And it’s ready to go in just an hour with the help of a few basic tools.

    The X-PRO 125cc ATV is perfect for cruising around the neighborhood or taking on some light off-roading. The front and rear suspension systems provide a smooth and comfortable ride. The X-PRO 125cc ATV also features a handy remote kill switch, as well as a speed limiter, which can be adjusted to match your child’s abilities.

    This amazing ride also comes with a built-in alarm, which will sound if the X-PRO 125cc ATV is tampered with or moved while your child is away. The go-kart can also be started remotely from up to 100 feet away, making it easy to get your little one moving, even if they’re too far away to hear you calling.

    All in a nutshell, if you are looking for perfect 4 wheelers for your 10-year-old, let it be the X-PRO 125cc ATV. It’s the best choice for older kids in terms of safety, features, comfort, and ease of operation.

    • Features an automatic transmission.
    • Front Plastic Bumper reduces impact and vibrations.
    • The LED headlight helps to ride safely in case it gets dark while riding.
    • Has a front drum brake and a reverse disc brake.
    • Features an engine kill switch, an alarm, and an auto-start at the push of a button from 100 feet away.

    • Poorly written assembly instruction.


    9. Costzon Kids Go Kart

    Power: Manual pedal

    Weight capacity: 66 lbs

    Costzon Kids Go Kart

    Are you looking for a go-kart that your kids can ride by themselves without having to worry about gears, batteries, or wires? The Costzon Kids Go Kart is perfect for you! This go-kart is made with a metal frame and Polypropylene plastic, which makes it non-toxic and odorless. It’s also light-weighted, so your kids can easily enjoy their ride.

    This go-kart is also very easy to operate. There are no gears or batteries that require charging, which means that you won’t have to deal with any issues like battery, wire connection, etc. Your kids can also ride it by themselves without any help.

    In addition, this go-kart has a high-backed bucket seat that provides great support for your kids. It also has TWO positions that can be adjusted to fit your kid’s body. The EVA rubber wheels are in the proper size and have a secure design, which makes it safe for your kids to go many places.

    However, this go-kart is not equipped with a seat belt. So, it’s best to supervise younger children when using this Go-kart. Additionally, there are no useful instructions included with this product.

    So, if you’re not mechanically inclined, it might be a challenge for you to put it together. Nonetheless, this is one of our recommended and the best 4 wheeler for 10-year-olds without any doubt.

    • Constructed with non-toxic and odorless metal frame and Polypropylene plastic.
    • It’s lightweight and easy to operate.
    • The high-backed bucket seat provides great support.
    • The Go-kart doesn’t come with a seatbelt.
    • A little hard to assemble on your own.


    10. SmartDealsNow Powersports Kids ATV

    Speed limit: Not specified approx 30 mph

    Power: Gas 110 cc

    Fuel capacity: 0.61 gal

    Weight capacity: 180 lbs

    Looking for a starter quad for 10-year-olds? Well, here it is. The SmartDealsNow 110cc Gas ATV might just be the perfect choice for your little one. It’s fully automatic, and comes with a remote start and kill switch, and it also has a speed limiter to keep your child from going too fast. Plus, it has a foot brake for extra safety.

    This ATV is perfect for young riders who are just starting out. The seat height is only 24.81 inches, so it’s easy for kids to get on and off of the ATV pretty easily. And the ground clearance is 2.84 inches, so kids can ride over bumps and obstacles without worrying about getting stuck.

    The SmartDealsNow 110cc Gas ATV is also CARB approved for use in California, so you know it’s safe and reliable. Plus, the control engine kill switch means that you can shut the engine off quickly if you encounter any danger ahead of your child riding the four-wheelers.

    Besides, its unique color and posh design give a posh vibe for the looks. All in one, the SmartDealsNow 110cc Gas ATV is the most suitable choice for your 10-year-old to begin with a four-wheeler. It’s easy to use, safe, and reliable – perfect for young riders and for beginners.

    • Features a remote start and kill switch.
    • An added foot brake ensures extra security.
    • The speed limiter option allows you to control the speed for your child.

    • Although it’s no big deal, an added seat belt would be great with this automatic ATV.


    Conclusion & Editor’s Choice 

    Each of these ten products that we have reviewed in this post is safe, reliable, and built with advanced features. However, if you ask me about my personal favorite, I will vote for the X-PRO 110ccThis is the best 4-wheeler for 10-year-olds for its child-safety-featured design and its automatic transmission. Your little fellow can keep his focus on riding rather than operating this beast. 

    Nonetheless, all of the other products do have their own bright sides. So, you can choose anyone from this list.

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