Can You Exchange Unopened Diapers Without a Receipt?

Who doesn’t love a basket full of baby shower gifts? But what if nearly everyone has gifted you at least a pack of baby diapers? Will you really need that many diapers for your baby? 

Can You Exchange Unopened Diapers Without a Receipt

So, you want to return them but you don’t have the receipts. Can you exchange unopened diapers without a receipt?

Yes, you can exchange it without a receipt. But you have to provide proof of purchase via card details or barcode scanning. Most importantly, you must follow all the rules and regulations of the store’s exchange policy within the return period. 

Are you curious to know which stores offer such opportunities? Keep reading the article below and you’ll get to learn about it in detail.     

Can You Exchange Unopened Diapers Anywhere?

Yes, you can exchange unopened diapers in most of the popular retail stores. Most stores depend on barcode scanning to identify the diaper buying history. However, each store has different exchange policies.

In the following segments, we’ll talk about the places you can exchange diapers in detail.  


We’ll start with Target as it’s one of the retail giants in the United States. It offers a diaper exchange policy for size, store credit, and refunds. The exchange or refund period is  90 days for any unopened items. 

Using the RedCard, you’ll be able to get 30 days extra for exchange. Again, Target-owned brands and registered items have up to 1-year return/exchange policy. 

If you don’t have the receipt, Target still allows refunds through a merchandise return card. You must add your delivery and shipping confirmation as references for online purchases.  


Walmart also offers a 90-day exchange policy on diapers. But you must have to verify whether the diapers are bought from Walmart. The store manager usually deals with it and verifies the purchase by scanning the barcode on your package.

You should also provide them with your government-issued valid photo ID to smoothen the refund verification process. 

However, make sure to check with your local Walmart stores before exchanging the diapers. Some local Walmart stores don’t offer exchanges for different sizes or branded diapers. But you’ll receive a gift card or store credit of the same value.   


If you order diapers through Amazon, you don’t need a receipt to exchange them. But you must return or exchange within 90 days of your purchase. Also, the package must be unharmed and reusable.

For exchanging the diapers, you need to follow the return process on Amazon’s website. You have to print their return authorization form also as a part of the procedure. 

Parent Hack: In case Amazon don’t let you exchange unopened diapers, you can exchange them at local stores like Walmart. But make sure you’re exchanging from the same store you’ve purchased from on Amazon. This means you can’t exchange Target products in local Walmart stores. 

Bonus: Sometimes the local stores have lower prices than Amazon’s price. It’s because there are no website fees or shipping costs included in the local store’s price. So, when you’re exchanging diapers in local stores, you can get higher refunds than Amazon refunds. 


Walgreen accepts returns for both unopened and opened diapers within 30 days of purchase. You have to ensure the product is from Walgreens. A store manager overlooks this matter and verifies the purchasing information by scanning the package’s barcode. 

They require a valid photo ID as part of the verification process. If everything seems okay, you can exchange the diapers and receive in-store credit on Walgreens’ gift card. 

Other Places

Apart from retailers, you can also return or exchange diapers in thrift stores and wholesale stores. They don’t require any receipt for exchange. All you have to ensure is that the diapers are intact and reusable. 

However, in case you have too many leftover diapers, you can donate them to churches, women’s shelters, and homeless shelters.  

What About Exchanging Diapers That Were Gifted?

Now, sometimes new moms get flooded with diapers as baby shower gifts. It’s hard to tell which store the diapers belong to. So, it becomes hard for them to exchange those diapers. Is this your case too? Don’t worry, you can exchange them. 

For gifted diapers, you need to find the origin of the diaper first. There are multiple websites and apps that offer barcode-checking services. 

Some of the websites include – 

You have to type in the 12-digit UPC or Amazon ASIN number (US) and then enter the barcode. You can also use an online barcode reader to make the process easier for you.  After analyzing this information, the website will show you where the item was bought from. 

So, that’s how you can easily return or exchange the gifted diapers from the store.

Do Stores Allow Exchanging Diapers for Different Sizes?

Yes, there are many stores that allow diaper exchange for different sizes. For example, Target, Walmart, and Amazon have a size exchange policy. But you either have to have a receipt or any kind of proof of purchase.

However, keep in mind that the stores have the right to refuse or reject exchangeable policies as necessary by law.  

What Are the Policies for Exchanging Diapers Without Receipt?

Each store has separate diaper exchange policies depending on store management and state law. But the policies contain almost similar clauses that you need to be aware of.

Here are the most common aspects you need to keep in mind while exchanging unopened diapers without a receipt. 


First of all, you have to check the purchase date and the exchange period. Most of the stores offer 30, 60, and 90 days return periods from the date the item was bought.  

In case you don’t have a receipt, scan the barcode on the diaper package. It’ll tell you all the necessary information.  


The next thing you have to be prepared for is questions asked by the store manager. Usually, store managers run the exchange process in stores. 

For online shopping, you have to fill out a return form. There are questions about the reason of the exchange, personal information, and your preferred method of return. The store manager reviews the form later and verifies it for further procedure.  

Necessary Documents/Proof

Speaking of verification, you need to provide proof of your purchase. Sure, you don’t have a receipt but there are other documents that will work as proof. 

You need to show your valid government-issued photo ID to the store manager. They’ll run it through their secured database and find the match. You can also use Debit or Credit card payment information, packing slips, and barcode information for proof.  

You’ll need to show your government-issued photo ID for gifted diapers also. In this case, the stores don’t keep it for a database match but to record your return information. 

Stores use the return data to identify how frequently you exchange products. This information helps them to be alerted about store theft.    

Allowable Exchange Items

Again, most stores allow exchanging any items that have the same value as the pack of diapers. They offer refunds as well. You can also exchange to the size, brand, or color of your preference. 

However, you should be aware of the store policies on baby registry items or off-brand products. It’s best to talk to the store manager and clear the issues before you head toward the exchange.  

Limit of Exchange

Sometimes being a special member of the store’s exclusive club will allow you to have an additional exchange period. For example, Target offers 10 days more refund period than the regular one. 

So, you can get a number of exchange opportunities within this time period. Some stores offer up to 3-4 times exchange limit per year.   

FAQs On Exchange Unopened Diapers 

Can You Exchange Diapers in Costco without a Receipt?

No, you can’t exchange diapers in Costco without a receipt. They accept opened, unopened, and even missing diaper packages. But you must have a receipt to claim your refund or exchange it. 

Can You Resell Diapers?

Yes, you can resell diapers. But they must be unused. The best place to resell diapers is online. You can open up your own online store or resell it through marketplaces like eBay. 

Should You Exchange Leftover Diapers Gifted in Baby Shower?

It actually depends on your situation whether you should exchange leftover diapers gifted in the baby shower. Babies grow very fast and you’ll need diapers initially more than you’ve imagined. So, you can keep the diapers until the expiry date of the exchange period. If you don’t need the diapers by then, you can exchange them.  

Final Words

So, this is it! Hope you are all clear about the query “Can you exchange unopened diapers without a receipt?”. We tried to mention all the necessary information so that you are well aware of the exchange policies. 

Now, here’s a small tip. Don’t rush to exchange diapers. Wait until the final date comes and meanwhile see if your baby needs the diaper. Also, consider your baby’s comfort above anything.   

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