Why Do Babies Need So Much Attention? : Positive Attention!

Babies are super sensitive. They need enough care, love and attention. And indeed, they are good at seeking your attention.

However, you’ll feel the baby demanding more attention no matter how much you give them, Their innocent gaze, sz pampering them.


Well, there is no doubt that babies are adorable, and everyone loves to pamper them. But did you ever think why do babies need so much attention?

This answer will help you to learn more about baby psychology. You can mention this as a crucial part of providing your baby a healthy childhood. 

Why do babies need so much attention? 

Young babies seem to ask for attention all the time. This might raise the question about the reasons behind it. You must remember babies are the new guests in this complicated world. They need your warmth, help and love to build a healthy life for themselves. 

Give a quick check here to learn the absolute possible reasons: 

Build Healthy Connection: 

No matter what the age of your baby is, giving them enough attention will build a stronger bond. Your baby will observe their connection through the way you’re with them. If your words, expressions and touch make the baby happy, they will build a good connection with you. So, you can mention attention as a key to their building connection with others. 

Builds child’s self-image: 

Childhood is the first growth stage of your baby. You may think babies won’t remember anything from their childhood. But babies learn their foundation of growth during this time. If you give the baby enough attention and love, it will help them to build a healthy and good self-image. This will undoubtedly be more confident in their lives. 

Safe and secured: 

Responsive communication and attention make your babies safe. The babies are super sensitive and afraid to deal with this complicated world. When you show the baby your warmth connection via your attention, things will get easier for them. Your attention will make them comfortable, safe and secure. 

Communicate for their needs: 

The little babies can’t express their needs. The infants seem to cry often. That is their way of surviving in the world. So, try to give attention to your babies and learn about their needs. This need can be their hunger, comfort, scariness and many other things. 

Your baby will need POSITIVE attention. WHY? 

Attentions certainly hold differences in themselves. Make sure your child is getting positive attention only. You must make sure that your child is not getting spoiled with the negative kind of attention. 

Positive attention means being kind to the baby. You should smile with love, connect with their eyes and soothe their mind with your expression. This won’t be any hard for anyone as babies themselves are good to grab that.

But things are not that smooth. We go through a lot of hassle over the day. But you must be careful how you’re presenting yourself in front of that little soul.

Try to improve your physical affection. Even when you’ve got no time, take a pause and hug the baby, kiss them on their forehead. These little physical affections help them to connect with them. 

Another exciting thing about positive attention would be showing interest. It can be playing with their favorite toy, taking them to their favorite spot, creating their favorite expression. You should always respond to your child no matter whatever sound they are making. 

Even when your child is making any mistakes, ignore and correct your child’s mistakes. If you ignore the baby, it can stand harmful. Remember, the babies are not capable of reading between the lines. You should be more consistent and conscious while providing the correct type of attention to your child. 

Final Words

A newborn baby analyses the world from their infant situation. They try to understand if the world is reliable and trustworthy enough for it or not.

Attention would be the best way of welcoming them. It plays quite an important role in their healthy and robust mental growth. So, make sure you’re growing your baby with POSITIVE attention.

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