When Can You Put a Baby in Stroller without Car Seat?

The stroller makes traveling easier both for parents and babies. Your baby gets its own space, and you can move comfortably as well. However, safety is a big concern here. If your baby is about 5 to 6 months old, you better not use it. They will need some extra support to stick on the stroller safely.


The strollers come with car seats, head supports and neck support etc. But after some time, your baby won’t require the car seat anymore. This is the time when your baby gets comfortable sitting without car seats.

People often ask precisely when you can put Baby in a stroller without a car seat. This is quite a confusing and popular question among new parents.

You must know the exact details to ensure your baby’s safety.  

When Can Babies Use a Stroller?

When a baby can sit in the stroller entirely depends on the stroller type. If you’re planning to put it in the stroller right after birth, it won’t be suitable enough.

But most stroller manufacturers come with car seats. If it’s a newborn-friendly seat, you can put your newborn in the stroller. 

The supportive car seat can be used for newborn babies. Those sweet months of your baby can go smoother with the right stroller. The car seat will let your baby be completely laid back. They can lie on the seat with proper security. Babies till they’re four months old can use such strollers.

However, you must be concerned about your baby’s health. Every baby has growth and muscle development. So, forget to make the decision with your own judgment and the suggestion of the health advisor. 

When to put the baby in a stroller without a car seat? 

We all know car seats are essential to place in a stroller for a baby’s comfort and safety. But after a specific time, your baby will not require any extra seat on the stroller. This might bring discomfort while sitting for the baby.

You should know when your baby is able to keep the heads up without your help. This thing depends on your baby’s muscle development. And each baby holds a different level of growth. Generally, the capability of a strong neck arrives around 3 to 6 months.

The car seat will be the ultimate help for the baby from newborn to toddlerhood. This keeps the baby secured enough while it’s newborn age. During this time, babies can’t hold up their heads for too long. So, you better give them the support till they really need it. When the baby gets big enough and sits properly, car seats won’t be able to bring any help.

If you have got no extra car seat, there is a fantastic alternative available. You’ll find many manufacturers who make strollers that have bassinet attached to them. You can use these as an excellent alternative to car seats. 

So, you can count the car seats out when your baby has grown healthy and capable enough. 

Things to consider when carrying a baby in a stroller: 

If you are planning to use a stroller for your baby, make sure these are safe and secured enough. Moreover, when you’re adjusting a car seat with it, you better consider some facts for your baby’s comfort. 

Let’s give a quick check here: 

Stay around your baby 

Car seats are super safe. No one should ever leave the baby unattended in the stroller alone. You must keep anyone around your baby all the time. 

Keep the stroller in shadow

Make sure you’re not keeping the stroller under a sunny area. It’s better not to go out with your baby when the weather is super hot. If it’s urgent, find some area that has enough shadow to place the stroller. 

Don’t hang anything on the handlebar

Both babies and strollers are lightweight. So it would help if you never hung anything heavy with the stroller handlebar. This can tip over the stroller and cause major accidents. 

Secure the baby properly

Never forget to buckle up the baby with a car seat. Even when you’re not using the car seat, you “‘ll get a buckle with the stroller. Buckle that up for keeping the baby safe while traveling. 

Hang toys properly

Strollers have their own bumper to hang the toy to entertain your baby. But whenever you’re hanging toys, make sure you’re securing them properly. Any loose knots can harm your baby. Also, you should never hang any heavy toys on your baby’s stroller. 


Using a safe and secured car seat seems an excellent help for parents. They can quickly move, travel and work efficiently with their baby in a stroll. However, if your baby’s muscles are not strong enough yet, don’t forget to attach a good car seat.

The car seats need to be removed too after a particular time. This will take over your baby’s growth. However, on average, this time to remove the car seat will be somewhere around 3 to 6 months. 

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