Show and Tell Letter Z (25 Ideas for) – 2023 Updated Guide


Whenever we hear the letter Z, our mind immediately goes to the zoo and zebra. That’s it. Then, we keep wondering how little words there are that start with the letter Z. 

Don’t worry. Here we have gathered up 25 words for the game Show and Tell Letter Z. So, you won’t run short of words today. Let the game begin. 

25 Show and Tell Ideas that Start Z

  1. Zoo –  Show your kids animals captured in a cage for reference. But don’t forget to mention that this is ethically wrong to capture animals in a small cage. 
  2. Zip –  Show the zip of a bag or a sweater. If required, run the zipper a few times to give a hint. 
  3. Zigzag – Draw a zigzag line. Or use a zig-zag scissor to cut some fabric or paper for a hint. 
  4. Zit –  I hope you are not having one of these irritating things. So, try showing some Zit patches as reference.
  5. Zero –  Either Draw it or show a picture of the digit 0. Your kids will guess it in no time. 
  6. Zebra – Go fore the old and classic way to Show and Tell Letter Z for Zebra (Using pictures or videos)
  7. Zookeeper –  Play a picture or video where it shows a Zookeeper taking care of the animals. Or, maybe even visit a zoo so that your kid can see a zookeeper live.
  8. Zip lock bag –  Let your child help you while freezing some veggies in a zip lock bag and ask the Z word here. 
  9. Zucchini –  Show a picture and give the hint that it’s not a cucumber then ask what it is. 
  10. Zane –  Use the Zane (From Ninjago) toy for references.
  11. Zest –  Scrape out some orange zest in a bowl, show and ask your child to guess the Z word. 
  12. Zinc
  13. Zodiac Sign – What’s your child’s zodiac sign? Believing in the zodiac is a completely different thing. However, show the signs to let your kids guess. 
  14. Zombie –  Show any pictures or videos from zombie movies. 
  15. Zurg –  Show the picture of Zurg from the Toy Story.
  16. Zone
  17. Zoic
  18. Zion –  Show a zionist’s temple or the iconic dress codes of the zionists to show and tell letter Z for Zion or Zionist.
  19. Zazu – Again, show a picture of Zazu from the Toy Story.
  20. Zibet –  Show a picture or some videos of a zibet. Prior to that, share some fun facts about zibet, so that they know the animal.
  21. Zillion –  Ask the number of the total rice grain of the world or things like that. 
  22. Mozzarella
  23. Zinnia –  It’s a beautiful flower. You can plant it in your backyard garden and your child will know another word with Z that exists in his home. 
  24. Zircon –  Zircon stones are commonly found in jewelry. Show your kids any of your jewelry that has zircon stones and wait for them to guess the stone. 
  25. Zoom – Today’s kids are good with technology. You can just zoom in and zoom out a picture in front of them and let them guess the Z word.


Z is quite an interesting letter of the alphabet. It’s a personal favorite of mine for no particular reason. There are two more letters we fall short making up words with. Yeah, you guessed them right. You get covered on that too. Here you can find some unique and easy words with the letter X and letter Y.

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