Show and Tell Letter V (30 Ideas) – 2023 Full Guide


Educational games are as necessary as physical games for the kids. It improves their mental health and nurtures their intelligence. 

The “Show and Tell Letters” is such a great educational game for kids, especially for toddlers. If your child shows curiosity for such games. Never miss a chance to improve their knowledge and intelligence. 

We have already covered a series of different alphabets like the Letter M, Letter O, and Letter Z. Today we have decided to play Show and Tell Letter V

30 Show and Tell Ideas that Start V

  1. Violet – Show anything in violet like a violet flag, or violet dress and ask the color.
  2. Vietnam – You can show the map or the national flag of Vietnam for a hint.
  3. Volcano – Show pictures of volcanoes. 
  4. Valentine – You can show the date 14th February on the calendar and show pictures of red roses for an additional hint. 
  5. Vegetables – Decorate your child’s food table with colorful vegetables to show and tell letter V for vegetables. 
  6. Victory –Show the V sign with your hand. If your child still doesn’t get it, show him a picture or video where a team of players have just won the game and are enjoying their victory. 
  7. Villain – Pick up your kids favorite movies and show pictures of some of the villains from those movies. You can show the Evil Queen from Snow White, Ursula from The Little Mermaid, Hades from Hercules and so on.
  8. Violin – Use a simulation violin toy as reference. It might give your child a new hobby for music too. 
  9. Volleyball – Use a picture or video of a player playing with a volleyball and ask them to guess the game name with V.
  10. Vanilla – Use vanilla-flavored ice cream and ask your child to guess the V-word. 
  11. Van
  12. Vehicle – Show different types of vehicles so that your kids don’t confuse the particular names of the vehicles. 
  13. Vest
  14. Vintage – If you have any vintage piece of decor or fashion items at your home, use them as a reference. 
  15. Vampire – Kids just love these fictional ideas of vampires, werewolves and so on. Use any internet picture of a vampire and they will reply back within a second. 
  16. Visitor
  17. View
  18. Vacation – Show a picture where a family is enjoying snacks at a beach or camping in a forest. 
  19. Vitamin – Show them a container of multivitamins. It won’t take a minute for them to guess.
  20. Velvet – Give them a piece of velvet fabric. They will tell you the V-word.
  21. Vacuum – Use your vacuum cleaner to show and tell letter V. 
  22. Vanity Mirror – Show a vanity mirror. If your kid is a girl, then you can get her one too. 
  23. Venom
  24. Vet – Show a picture of a Vet checking up a kitten or a puppy. Hopefully, your kid will guess the V-word in no time. 
  25. Video – Well, you can either show the video option on a camera, or a video clip taken with your phone. 
  26. Veil – Show a bride with a veil on. Or you can also show a halloween costume with a veil too.
  27. Voice
  28. Voodoo – Get a voodoo costume as a halloween gift for your kid. They love dramatic stuff like these. 
  29. Versatile
  30. Viking – Use a historic viking costume as a reference. Or show some related movies.  

Final Words

There are so many fun words with the letter V. we have picked 30 of them.

If you are still enjoying playing this Show and Tell game, then you might find our other articles interesting too. Don’t miss them out.  

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