Show and Tell Letter Q (40 Ideas) – 2023 Updated Guide


The letter Q is not just for “Queen”. It makes some interesting other words too. 

We know it’s difficult to recall all these words at times when you play word games with your kids. So, here we have listed some easy-to-memorize words that start with the letter Q.

40 Show and Tell Ideas That Start With Q

  1. Queen – Easiest way to show a Queen is to show a Queen playing card. It’s gonna be fun. 
  2. Quail – You can show Quail’s egg or a picture of a quail for your kids to guess. 
  3. Q-tip
  4. Quarter – You can show a quarter slice of a pizza or a quarter cup full of water. 
  5. Question – Use a big picture or image of the Question Mark as a tip.
  6. Quilt
  7. Quartz – Show any quartz crystal showpieces existing in your home or show a picture for reference. 
  8. Quotation – A quotation mark (“”) should be enough for your child to show and tell Letter Q for Quotation. 
  9. Quatro Game – A very interesting game for big toddlers. If your child’s age is 7 or above, you can get him a Quatro game. They will love it.
  10. Quality
  11. Quantity
  12. Quack – What’s better than a duck to represent its sound?— Well, get a quacking duck toy and see how fast your kids answer. 
  13. Quadrants – show a picture where one fourth of a circle is colored. 
  14. Quest For Camelot
  15. Quiche – Chances are high that your child never knew that it’s a synonym for eggs. So, before showing them some eggs and asking the Q word, teach them the word a few times.
  16. Quadcopter – Buy a Quadcopter kid’s drone. They will love it. 
  17. Quince
  18. Quay – Take your children to visit a quay if they never have been to one. While playing the Show and Tell Letter Q, you can use a picture of a quay with the shore, sea and ships.
  19. Quiet – Show the “Shh” sign with your picture or an image of that.
  20. Quokka – Show a picture of this cute smallest wallaby (kangaroo-like animal). You can tell the kids how these animals make runways through the long grasses for a hint. 
  21. Quoll – Maybe get a quoll pet if your state has permission for it. 
  22. Queue – Show a queue of passengers or a queue in a bank. If you can’t show a real life example then show a picture.
  23. Quill – Quill is quite old fashioned but still an interesting thing. So, get your child a quill for their art or calligraphy. They will love it and memorize the name.
  24. Quiff – Show pictures of actors with this hairstyle.
  25. Quiz
  26. Quake – Show a video of an earthquake.
  27. Qatar
  28. Quagga – Show a vs. picture of a Zebra and Quagga. Name the Zebra and let them guess the other animal.
  29. Quarantine
  30. Queensland
  31. .Quahog – Show pictures of Quahog clams. 
  32. Quelea – Show pictures of these small red-billed birds. For a hint, you can mention that these little birds are destructive to grain crops
  33. Quetzal –Show a picture or tell it’s the national bird of Guatemala.
  34. Quesnelia
  35. Quebec 
  36. Quick – Show a picture or a video clip where someone is rushing to do something and ask your child to get the hint. 
  37. Quaker Ladies –That’s the wild flower Bluet widely found in Eastern America
  38. Quantum Of Solace— You can watch this spy film together and your kid will absolutely love it.
  39. Q-Force
  40. Q-Ship – A heavily armed merchant ship operating during the second world war. You can find toy versions of these ships and they look amazing to watch. 

Final Words

Along the way, you are going to find a lot more words. But for now, these words starting with Q will be good enough to help your kid learn some new words!

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