Show and Tell Letter O (37 Ideas) – 2023 Updated Guide


There are a lot of interesting words starting with the letter O and these words are easier to pronounce for little kids.

We found more than 37 words that you can show and tell your kids right now! Start with the simple ones like orange, open, ox, etc, and then refer to this list for more words. 

37 Show and Tell Ideas that Start O

  1. October – Ask your child to name the tenth month of the calendar. Or show him a calendar and ask the month name with O.
  2. Ornaments – Show some earrings, necklaces, etc. 
  3. Octopus – If your food habit includes seafood, you can cook some for your kids. Otherwise, show a picture or a video documentary on octopuses. 
  4. Oreo – Like the Oreo biscuits. Sure, your kid will love to eat them!
  5. Oats – Make some yummy oatmeal for the breakfast and ask them to guess the food name. 
  6. Owl –Show the picture of the famous cartoon character, Friend Owl from the movie Bambi. You can show a picture of a real owl as well.
  7. Over
  8. Oregano – If you grow this herb in your kitchen garden then show it from there. Or you can use the dried oregano to show and tell letter O for oregano. 
  9. Orca – Show the picture of an Orca. 
  10. Orchid – Gift your child an orchid plant. They will memorise the name while taking care of it. 
  11. Orange – You can either refer to the color or the fruit. Show references accordingly.
  12. Oval – Show an egg and ask which shape it is.
  13. Ox
  14. Okra – Buy this veggie and serve your children. Let them guess the name.
  15. Ostrich – Show the picture of an Ostrich, or ask questions like which bird’s eggs are the biggest in size? Hopefully, your kids will answer it right.
  16. Olive – Make or order some pizza and while eating pick up a piece of black olive to show and tell letter O for Olive.
  17. Onion
  18. Online – Show pictures showing a person browsing the internet, sitting in front of the computer.
  19. Oven
  20. Overload – Show a comparison picture where on one side a truck carrying a generous amount of products and on the other side another truck carrying a lot of other things. 
  21. Opera – Take your kids to some classic opera show. A lot of people don’t like this classic form of music but a lot others do. 
  22. Oxford – Give your child an oxford dictionary. That is the easiest way to show and tell Oxford. 
  23. Oil – Show some different varieties of oils like coconut oil, castor oil, black seed oil and so on. 
  24. Oscar – Show your kid a picture of the iconic Oscar award and let them guess the name. 
  25. Ottoman – Show an ottoman in your household and ask the name of the thing. 
  26. Ointment – Open your first aid box and show all ointments like burning ointment, mosquito repellent, itching ointment and so on.
  27. Out
  28. Outdoor – Show the pictures of some outdoor games.
  29. Oath – Recite the national oath of your country or region and ask what it is.
  30. Optimus Prime – Show an image of the famous fictional character Optimus Prime from the movie Transformation.
  31. Occupy – Put some toy inside a box and tell your kid that the box is occupied now. Remove the toys and show that it’s empty. This will help him learn quicker. 
  32. Ocean – Still haven’t been to the beach?
  33. Oak – Show them an oak tree.
  34. Oar – The thing used for rowing boats.
  35. Oasis – This could be interesting. You can show a video of an oasis or maybe a clip from a cartoon movie where there is an oasis.
  36. Odor
  37. Oxygen

Final Words

We have reached the end of the list. You can also tell your kid the names of people starting with O if you have anyone in your family or circle. Have a curious child? Here is a list of words starting with A

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