Show and Tell Letter M (40 Ideas) – 2023 Updated Guide

Word-games are very useful, yet interesting for children. Educating your child through playing is a smart parenting method. 

Our today’s pick is the 13th letter of the Alphabet. Without further delay, let’s get your kids and start playing Show and Tell Letter M. 


40 Show and Tell Ideas That Start With M

  1. Mint –  You can show mint leaves or maybe mentos for reference. 
  2. Moon 
  3. Mickey Mouse – The classic Mickey Mouse will always be children’s most favourite character. Almost every kid’s item comes in a version that was inspired by the famous Mickey Mouse, e.g— kids T-shirts, mugs, toys, caps, etc. 
  4. Mango
  5. Milk –  Get your little champ a glass of milk to drink while playing Show and Tell Letter M. Hopefully they will get the hint. 
  6. Marbles –  Children love to play with marbles, some just like to collect them. Present your child some more and they will tell you the name in that instance.
  7. Ming Ming –  The super-confident cute duckling, Ming Ming inspires children. You can show a stuffed animal inspired by Ming Ming from Wonder Pets. 
  8. Maleficent –  So many fictional characters named with M. Show any picture of Angelina Jolie’s iconic Maleficent look and your child will already know.
  9. Mop
  10. Movie 
  11. Mall – Show pictures of big shopping malls. 
  12. Magazine –  Show any child magazines. 
  13. Mother –  Show the kid his mother’s picture and ask who it is in that picture. He will know the answer. 
  14. Miniature –  Do you collect miniatures of things? If so, then use them for reference. 
  15. Magnifying glass –  Children’s another most favorite time pass is playing around with a  magnifying glass in their hand. Get the youngster a great quality magnifying glass and make them say the name everytime they use it.
  16. Muffin –  It’s okay if you don’t have a muffin top to show for reference (:P).  Just a real muffin will do.
  17. Monster— every child grows up listening to tales of fairies and monsters. You can show any picture of a monster like a vampire, a werewolf or a zombie for reference. 
  18. Mirror
  19. Minions –  There are so many cute minion-inspired toys, travel pillows, etc. Use any of those as reference to show and tell letter M for Minions. 
  20. Mermaid –  You can show an image of the famous disney character Ariel, the little mermaid. If you have a girl child, you can get them a mermaid costume for reference. 
  21. Mountain
  22. Map  – Show maps of different countries while guessing the country. 
  23. Microphone
  24. Matte Colors –  Explain the difference between a matte finish and a glossy finish of the same color before you show them options to choose from. 
  25. Macaw
  26. Mushroom
  27. Marshmallow –  Get some marshmallow candies. Classic and common. 
  28. Mat
  29. Mud
  30. Magic –  Learn one or two easy magic tricks with the magic kits and perform them in front of your child with a swag. 
  31. Mister & Mrs. –  Show pictures of married couples, known to your child. If they still don’t get it. Help them using some hints. 
  32. Massive
  33. Minister – Show a picture of the prime minister. Hopefully, they will take the hint smartly. 
  34. Morning
  35. Multi-color –  You can use the most trending and useful thing as a reference. Get your child a pack of multi-colored face masks. They can match them with their outfits and may also start liking to wear it. 
  36. Mosquito
  37. Monkey
  38. Mug
  39. Mask
  40. Macaroni penguin


Final Words

Giving hints of things and letting your child guess the M word is fun. Isn’t it?

If you agree, then don’t forget to go through our list of Letter R and Letter X. You can find some really interesting words to play with. 

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