Show and Tell Letter K (50 Amazing Ideas) – 2023 Guide


The 11th alphabet, K, is often expressed as the most annoying short form of ‘Okay’. But, there’s much more than that. 

You can find a whole lot of words with K. However, for children you need only easy and interesting words.

We have arranged 50 words with K to play “show and tell letter K “.  Gather up the kids and start the game now.

50 Show and Tell Ideas That Start With K

  1. Kangaroo – You can use a kangaroo stuffed animal or a kangaroo costume as a hint. 
  2. King Kong –  Show a picture of a video clip of King Kong. 
  3. Kite –  The best way to show and tell the letter K for kites is to make one and fly it along with your kids. There are plenty of DIY kite making videos for that. 
  4. Keys – Show your house keys or car keys to give the hint. 
  5. Koala – Koala bears are the cutest animal right after pandas. Show your child a video or a picture for reference. 
  6. Knight – Get an Arthurian Knight statue so your kids can play and learn at the same time. 
  7. Kitten – Visit an animal shelter with your child and adopt a kitten. Trust me, these cute little things make amazing pets for children. 
  8. Ketchup – Put some ketchup on your kid’s table and ask the food name with the letter K.
  9. Kiwi
  10. Kale
  11. Karate – A karate costume is a good hint. You can show a picture showing a kid wearing that costume and posing in a karate posture. If your kid shows interest in karate you can also buy him one.
  12. Kids
  13. Kick
  14. Kettle – Every household has an electric kettle or at least a traditional kettle. Show any of them for reference and don’t forget to mention how that works.
  15. Kindergarten – If your kid’s age falls between 3-4 years, then you might have already admitted your child into an elementary school aka kindergarten. If yes, then show him the picture of his school for reference. 
  16. Kuwait 
  17. Krypton – Who doesn’t know the famous fictional character Superman, the son of krypton. Show your child a picture of Superman and ask him a quiz— from which planet did superman come from?
  18. Knuckle – Show your child the body part and ask him the K-word. 
  19. Kindness
  20. Keeper— Show a picture of a goal-keeper trying to stop the balls in football. That way you can show and tell the letter K for keeper. 
  21. Knot – Teach your child some scout knots for fun. Don’t forget to teach them the names of each knot too. 
  22. Knee
  23. Keen
  24. Kohl – Show this essential beauty product from your dressing table. Girl kids love this thing a lot.
  25. Kilo – Give your child a 1kg dumbbell and ask the weighing unit.
  26. Knit – You can show your kids knitting needles for reference.
  27. Kebab
  28. Khaki
  29. Knock
  30. Kitchen – Show a picture of a kitchen or point at your kitchen room. They will tell the word.
  31. Kindle – Buy your child a kindle. They will learn more than just the name of the product.
  32. Kayak – Buy a Kayak pool float if you have a swimming pool in your house. If not, simply show a picture or a video of a kayak. 
  33. Karaoke –Take your kids to karaoke. Kids love karaoke very much.
  34. Knife – Show a kitchen knife. 
  35. Kylo Ren – Get the iconic Kylo Ren lightsaber toy for reference.
  36. Kind
  37. Koala – Show a picture of a koala or a stuffed toy of a Koala. 
  38. Know 
  39. Kaftan – Show a kaftan from your wardrobe or at least a picture of it.
  40. King – Show an image of the Lion King. 
  41. Kitty – Get a hello kitty plush or a blanket to show and tell letter K.
  42. Kneel – Show an image of someone kneeling down, or imitate the posture to show and tell Kneel.
  43. Kalanchoe – Since it’s an easy-to-grow plant, you can plant one in your backyard too.
  44. Kingdom
  45. Kernels – Show some popcorn kernels. 
  46. Kenya
  47. Knowledge –Show some books (not a particular type) and include a dictionary and ask what can they earn by reading books? Hopefully, they will know the answer. 
  48. Korea – You can show a Korean drama or K-Pops ask to guess the country.
  49. Kiara – Show any images of the famous princess Kiara from The Lion King. 
  50. Keyboard – Show your computer Keyboard. 


Final Words

If your kid’s thirst for knowledge hasn’t quenched with these 35 letters with K, then you can try out other letters such as Letter V, Letter I, or Letter U.

Word games are always fun and instructive for children. So, never miss a chance when your kids are showing interest in playing these games. 

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