Show and tell letter J (42 Ideas) – 2023 Updated Guide

Your kid will love the letter J. it’s so easy to pronounce and use in different words.

There are hundreds of words starting with J. However, some of them aren’t suitable for a pre-schooler to understand or pronounce.

So, we found 42 items starting with J that you can show and tell. We also added some thoughts of our own to help you out.


42 Show and Tell Ideas That Start With J

  1. Jacket
  2. Jam –  Eat jam together and say jaaaam!! 
  3. Jar –  Kids love to play with jars. A plastic jar will be sufficient, avoid glass jars.
  4. Jaw –  Touch your jaw, eat something and tell your kid this is the jaw!
  5. Jet –  Kids love toy jets and that’s the best way to show and tell letter J to them.
  6. Joy –  After a burst of good laughter, that’s the moment you should tell that it’s joy!
  7. Juice
  8. Jellybean – Who doesn’t love Jelly beans.
  9. July –  Open a calendar and show the month of July
  10. Journey –  The next time you go on a trip, you should keep telling frequently that you are on a journey.
  11. Japan –  You can show Japanese art, people, or even the map of Japan.
  12. Jingle –  Jingle bell Jingle Bell. Sing it along!
  13. Jaguar –  Watch an animal-plant documentary or a plush jaguar toy sounds even better.
  14. Jogging –  You can jog inside your home and your kid might even start imitating you. That’s the moment you say the word.
  15. Jump
  16. Juggle –  You can juggle two to three tennis balls to show this word
  17. Jewelry – If you have a daughter, she might be wearing one. Let her know what it is. 
  18. Jack & Jill –  Sing the Jack & Jill rhyme. You can find more intriguing rhymes here!
  19. Joker – A joker mask could be fun to have at home. Your kid and everyone around can take turns wearing it.
  20. Jungle –  You can make a DIY jungle with varieties of wild animal toys. This could be a fun project and your child can take part in it also.
  21. Jeans –  Wear jeans and then show them off
  22. Jellyfish –  It’s tough to show a live jellyfish. But you can definitely get a cute stuffed version.
  23. Jasmine –  The Jasmine character from Disney’s Aladdin or the flower Jasmine.
  24. Jug –  A toy jug, if you find one might be a great gift to give to your kid. He will have lots of fun during the shower.
  25. Jumbo –  Jumbo, the elephant from the ‘Jumbo’ movie. Watch it together.
  26. Jupiter –  Show the Jupiter planet from a video or picture. But did you know, there’s a stuffed Jupiter toy too?
  27. Jeep –  A ride on a jeep or simply a toy jeep!
  28. January –  Pick a calendar and show the month and also talk about some of the memorable events in January.
  29. Jabberwocky –  You can read your kid ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and show the illustrations of the Jabberwocky from the book.
  30. Jazz
  31. Jojoba  – The jojoba plant
  32. Jam (traffic) –  The next time there’s a traffic jam, let your kid know about it
  33. Joint –  This could be any joint. The joint between the bed legs, hands, elbows, etc.
  34. Jackal  – Show em a picture of jackal and maybe read some interesting fairy tales that have jackal characters.
  35. Jigsaw –  Don’t take your kid near one. A video would be enough
  36. Jurassic –  Yes, dinosaurs. Every kid loves them. 
  37. Judo –  If your kid is interested, you can give him some judo lessons. 
  38. Jalapeno –  Show all sorts of jalapenos: red, green, orange, yellow
  39. Jumper
  40. Jackfruit –  If you find jackfruit in your local grocery store, you can take it home and show it to your kid. Jackfruits are sweet and super high in calories.
  41. Jack-in-the-box
  42. Jersey


Final Words

These 40 words with J isn’t the end of the world. You can add your own like the name of people starting with J or some difficult words just to have fun. You can also check out our list of words starting with K.

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