Show and Tell letter I (30 Ideas) – 2023 Updated Guide


The letter ‘I’ don’t have too many easy words for kids to learn at this age!

It’s pronounced as either ‘ee’ or ‘Aii’. So, this makes it pretty easy to pronounce and learn new words.

The best way to show and tell a letter is to get a toy that name starts with the letter. Kids love their toys and this helps them to quickly remember the name.

We found 30 items that start with the letter ‘I’.

30 Show and Tell Ideas that Start I

  1. Ice— An ice cube should be good enough to make your child learn the word ‘ice’
  2. Iceberg— Show a picture of an iceberg or a scene from a documentary.
  3. Instrument— Any musical instrument will do.
  4. Infrastructure— Show a building or a mall and tell your kid that these sort of places are known as infrastructures.
  5. Identification— If you have an ID card of any sort, let your child play with it and tell her that this is your identification.
  6. Inanimate— Anything that doesn’t move on its own. Tell your kid that the toy he plays with is inanimate.
  7. Intangible— Something you can’t touch! The air outside.
  8. Igloo— A house-made with ice blocks. You can show a youtube video or a stuffed igloo can do.
  9. Iguana— It’s a herbivorous lizard from Mexico. Yes, you can find iguana figures and toys!
  10. Insect— This isn’t much tough to teach. The next time you visit the local park, show a butterfly and tell that it’s a flying insect.
  11. Island— Guess you can show a top view of an island like Bali or Capri. Better if you can go visit an island. An inflatable island can be fun and great for showing and telling the letter I.
  12. Itchy— Scratch your hand and tell that it feels itchy
  13. Inch— Bring out a ruler and measure an inch
  14. Ink
  15. Inside— Whenever you go inside your home or any place, tell that you are going inside and do the same when you go outside. So, it will be easier to learn the word.
  16. ill— Your baby doesn’t feel good, say that he is ill.
  17. Invent— Let your child create something with building blocks and you can tell him that he has invented something.
  18. Increase— Increase and decrease the volume of your TV!
  19. Injection— Injection pens could be the best way to demonstrate this or a doctor’s play kit which will have a toy injection in it.
  20. Infant— Show a baby and tell that it’s an infant. You might as well use the word baby sometimes, so your kid can understand that both the word has the same meaning.
  21. Image— On a laptop or smartphone? Show a picture of your kid and tell him that it’s his image!
  22. Ibex— A wild goat that lives in European alpha.  Yes, there are stuffed ibex toys and you can find one easily.
  23. Impala— An African antelope. Show any scene from a documentary that has Impala.
  24. Indonesia— You can show Indonesian people or the location of Indonesia on a world map.
  25. Iceland— There are awesome places in Iceland. You can find videos of them on youtube.
  26. Iraq— Show it on the map!
  27. Iron— Show how you iron your shirts!
  28. Imitate— An imitating toy that repeats what you say is the best way to show and tell how to use the letter I.
  29. Icicle— When water drips from a tree or a branch in the winter, it might freeze in that position and that’s what an icicle is. You might find one during winter and show it to your kid.
  30. Ice cream— Eat ice cream together and also show how ice cream is made


Final Words

If you want more show and tell letter ideas, you can also check out the words that start with J. Give your kid enough time to get used to every word and also be patient with them. They won’t learn in a day!

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