Show and Tell Letter F (30 Ideas) – 2023 Updated Guide

The F words don’t have to be bad all the time. We have listed 30 easy and interesting words with the initial F that you can teach your children. 

Let’s find out how you can play show and tell letter F with the little champs.


30 Show and Tell Ideas that Start With F

  1. Fly –  You can show an image or a real fly around the home. But, letting them hunt those down with an electric swatter racket can be a fun way.
  2. Frog –  Read your kids the tale of Frog Prince as their bedtime story. That way you can show and tell letter F for the Frog Prince.
  3. Fruit – Cut a variety of fruits in different shapes, maybe using a cookie cutter. While serving every time, you can play a game of guessing the fruit. They will slowly learn the word.
  4. Fork –  Introduce all the names of utensils to your kid including a fork whenever they use them. After a few repetitions your smart champ will know what is what.
  5. Farmer – The best way to show and tell what a Farmer is, is to be one. Take your kids to your backyard garden and plant some veggies with them. Put on some farmer’s gloves, boots and a hat to become a farmer.
  6. Fig
  7. Football –  Don’t tell me that you haven’t yet got your kid a football. And if you have, then this must be the first word that crosses their mind when you play show and tell letter F game with them.
  8. Flag –  You can buy a bunch of different colored flags for your kids to practice color names. Smart two-in-one solution for enlightening your child. Right?
  9. Flower
  10. Family –  Show your children your family photos and tell all the family members all together makes a family.
  11. Food
  12. Fishing Net –  If any of the family members go fishing for real then you can show your child a real fishing  net and tell the name. But, if that’s not possible you can at least buy small fishing nets for the aquariums for reference.
  13. Friend – Show a picture of your kid’s best friend or play-mates and tell them that they are friends.
  14. Fan –  The basic most thing for playing show and tell letter F is gotta be a fan. Nothing is easier for children than that.
  15. French Fry –  Kids just love this junk food. Although it’s not good for children’s regular diet, you can sometimes treat them with some french fries.
  16. Fish
  17. Fisherman –   You can show your kids videos of fishermen. However, getting them a fisherman’s costume can do the job better.
  18. Fairy – To show and tell Fairy, you can show an image, video, cartoons, or movies about fairies for references. There are so many fairy toys out there for kids. You can try them out too.
  19. Flashlight –  It’s a necessary household thing for everyone. So, you can buy a cute and attractive flashlight for children. They will learn the name while playing with it.
  20. Finger
  21. Fire
  22. Fireman –  Tell heroic stories about firemen, show pictures and videos of firemen in their uniforms for references.
  23. Foul –  While playing football with your kids, you can sometimes pretend to make a foul while playing with them and let them react and yell at you saying “FOUUUL….”
  24. Frisbee –  Get a nice frisbie and play with your kids, they will know the name immediately.
  25. Free
  26. Fox
  27. Flamingo
  28. Foot
  29. Feather
  30. Firefighter

Final Words

We have allocated our word list with easy but important words. If you find it interesting then you will find our Show and Tell Letter R as well.

Check that out along with all other letters that we have covered for your amazing kids. 

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