Show and Tell Letter A (35 Ideas) – 2023 Updated Guide


A is the widely used letter in the world of Alphabets. There are tons of words with A that you can show and tell to your child.

You can certainly start with the easiest ones like Apple, ape, etc. This will definitely come to help as a lot of times, you won’t remember words that you learned while growing up as a kid.

The letter A can be pronounced as ‘Aa’, ‘Ae’,  and A like abroad’. Make sure to teach your kid each of these variations.

35 Show and Tell Ideas that Start A

  1. Apple
  2. Aunt –  Show a picture of your kid’s favorite aunt. 
  3. Ant –  Show a picture of an ant or even better if you could show a real ant.
  4. Annabelle –  Not every kid likes creepy things. If your toddler is one of them then you can use only a picture of the famous Annabelle from Annabelle. But if they seem to like these things, then definitely buy them an annabelle doll.
  5. Airplane
  6. Army –  Get him an army costume and who knows, they might develop some interest in joining the Army someday.
  7. Answer –  The opposite of the word ‘Question’.
  8. Alphabets –  Buy your kid a word puzzle game and show them the letters.
  9. Armor— Get a knight’s armor costume set for your kid. 
  10. Axe— Bring out an axe from your toolbox to show and tell the name. 
  11. Abroad
  12. Alarm Clock –  It’s better not to use a mobile app. Instead buy him a cute little physical alarm clock and get your kid used to it. Because that’s more effective.
  13. Academy –  Show him pictures of institutions and ask for the synonym.
  14. Apron –  Whenever your child is doing something messy like cooking or playing with colors, make them wear an apron. So, later while playing show and tell letter A for apron, just show him that apron. 
  15. Art
  16. Astronauts – Show an astronaut costume
  17. Animal – Show the Animal Planet channel and ask your kid to name the A word. 
  18. Alien – Show the alien from ET. 
  19. Acne
  20. Angel – Show angel wings for reference.
  21. Angle – Time for some geometry. Show different geometric angles and ask your kids to name all the angles. 
  22. Ariel – Show a picture of the famous Disney character, Ariel from The Little Mermaid. 
  23. Adults
  24. Archery – Old but never out of trend. Get your kids a good archery set for practicing their aim.
  25. Arrows – Part of Archery Set.
  26. Aladdin – Show the famous Disney character Aladdin. 
  27. Ankle
  28. Anklets – Show from your wardrobe. If your kid is a girl, you can get her one too.
  29. Antenna – You can either show the antenna of insect-like bees, mosquitoes, etc. or you can show the antenna or a vintage radio or television set. But pick one at a time, so that your kids don’t get confused. 
  30. Area
  31. Airpod
  32. Armchair – Show an armchair from your home furniture. 
  33. Animation – Show different animated cartoons and characters like The Little Mermaid, How to Train Your Dragon, Snow White and etc. 
  34. Accident – Hope that you never have to experience a big accident to show and tell letter A. But explain little things like your kid falling down or breaking a glass as an accident. 
  35. Abracadabra – Act like you are performing magic. Dress likewise, and move a stick around something while asking your kid to say the magical word. 

Final Words

This list is definitely not exhaustive. Use your own imagination and you will find a lot of different words that you can show and tell your child. Make sure to pronounce the words clearly so your kid doesn’t get confused.

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