Best Bassinet for Big Baby 2023 [5 Large Size Bassinet Reviews]


Got a little one who’s larger than most? Worried that regular bassinets won’t be a good fit or won’t last long enough?

No need to worry any longer! We’ve done our research and discovered the best bassinets specially designed for bigger babies.

Here’s the inside scoop: any bassinet with a length of 37″ or more should be at the top of your list. And don’t forget to look for a width of 22″ or more to ensure ultimate comfort for your growing munchkin.

After thorough research, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 bassinets for big babies. These gems boast lengths over 37 inches and a weight limit of 20 pounds, meaning your baby can use them for a good while.

So without any further ado let’s start reading.

ImagesProduct NameFeatures
BABY JOY 5-in-1 Pack and PlayBABY JOY 5-in-1 Baby BassinetLength: 42.5
Width: 30
Weight: 20 Ibs
ANGELBLISS Baby BassinetANGELBLISS Baby BassinetLength: 37
Width: 22
Weight: 20 Ibs
MiClassic All mesh 2 in 1  BassinetMiClassic All mesh BassinetLength: 37.4
Width: 23.8
Weight: 33 Ibs
INFANS Baby Bedside BassinetINFANS Baby Bedside BassinetLength: 37
Width: 22
Weight: 33 Ibs
Dream On Me Skylar BassinetDream On Me Skylar BassinetLength: 35
Width: 22.25
Weight: 25 Ibs

5 Best Large Bassinet for Long Baby-2023 Guide

1. BABY JOY 5-in-1 Baby Bedside Sleeper Bassinet

Dimension: 42.5 x 30 x 32.5 inches

Weight Capacity: 20 lbs

BABY JOY 5-in-1 Pack and Play

Among the large bassinets available in the market, only a few can match the dimensions of the Joy Baby. At 42.5” Length, it’s huge!! Whether your baby is tall or chubby, this thing will fit her.

The Joy Baby is the perfect bassinet for big babies for a couple of reasons: it’s spacious, super multifunctional, and can be used for up to 36 months. Apart from being a cozy bassinet, you can use this as a bedside sleeper, changing table, playpen, and thankfully as a travel crib!

The bassinet is primarily covered with oxford fabric which is known to be non-toxic and durable. Moreover, both sides are equipped with mesh to eliminate suffocation issues and increase visibility. It’s a highly stable design that will prevent tipping over. The ASTM and CPSIA certification is the evidence for the safety benchmark of this product.

The bedside sleeper functionality could be a deal-maker for a lot of moms who want to stay close to their babies and still make sure that the baby has her own place to sleep. All you got to do is put down the side guard rail and use the strap that comes to secure the bassinet with the bed. Now, you can breastfeed your baby without getting up and touch her whenever you want to.

A lot of you would surely invest in a diaper-changing table. With Joy Baby, you will get a changing station that can be attached to the top of the bassinet. It’s 26” long and 17.5” wide. There’s even a safety strap on the changing station to keep your baby secure as you change her nappies. What this means is you don’t need to buy a separate diaper changing station.

We also loved the idea of the diaper rack. It’s 26” long and you can attach it to the side of the bassinet to store diapers. And.. when your baby outgrows the bassinet, you can use it as a playpen by removing the diaper rack and the mattress. You can unzip and open one of the sides and your baby can crawl in and out safely. This playpen/activity center has a weight limit of 33 lbs. This feature alone increases the lifetime of the bassinet and makes it totally worth buying.

The folding mechanism is also easy and you can quickly turn this into a compact bassinet. Need to travel often and need a portable crib? This is it! The additional wheels on the bottom give you more freedom to carry it from one place to another without any stress. Overall, this is a must-have baby gear in every nursery!

  • Use as either a bassinet or playpen when the baby grows up.
  • Spacious design allows bigger babies to fit in comfortably.
  • Folds in seconds and can be used as a portable crib when traveling with the baby.
  • Keep your baby close with the bedside sleeper functionality.
  • Bonus add-ons: A diaper station and diaper rack can save you money and space as well.
  • A few extra storage pockets or a storage basket would have made the bassinet highly functional.

  • It comes in only a single color. So, it’s a miss if you have a baby girl and you want something pinkish or reddish for her. However, the neutral color is great for blending in any decor.

2. ANGELBLISS Baby Bassinet

Dimensions: 37″L x 22″W x 32″H

Weight Capacity: 20 lbs

ANGELBLISS Baby Bassinet

Angelbliss is a simple, yet super functional bassinet. This large bassinet can fit babies of different heights and sizes. Even a 3.5 years old child can sleep in and still have some room for breathing (just to give you an idea of the size of the bassinet).

The bassinet has a mesh wall on all four sides. So, you can watch your baby from anywhere in the room. To use it as a bedside sleeper, you need to pull down one of the sides and your baby will be right next to you.

The best thing about this bassinet is its adjustable legs. The heights can be adjusted from 12.7-in to 19.5-in in 6 levels. So, it can be used with bed heights of over 25-in with ease. Moreover, you can make height adjustments on both legs individually. This allows you to make the bassinet inclined to one side. A deal maker for a lot of parents for sure!

This bassinet comes with a 5 cm thick mattress and does a seemingly good job. Maybe a little on the stiffer side, but you can always change it if you find your baby feeling uncomfortable in it.

For a lot of you moms, storage space inside a bassinet might be a priority. Well, the Angelbliss has a large storage basket underneath it. It doesn’t have the best of build quality as it lacks support. However, as it’s large enough, you can keep stuff like blankets, diapers, and other small lightweight baby stuff. Even if you just keep a blanket and a few diapers, it really helps.

As far movability, yea, you got four wheels on this bassinet. The wheels roll smoothly on carpets and tiles. There’s even a lock that you can use to secure the bassinet and keep it in one place. This bassinet is built in a way that you can fold it into a compact shape and carry it with you. You could use it as a travel crib!

  • Usable with different bed heights as it can reach from 12.7-in to 19.5-in.
  • Adjust the height of each leg individually to achieve different sleeping angles that can comfort the baby.
  • A large storage basket attached can help you keep close essential baby items without having to need an extra table around the bed.
  • Move around with ease as the bassinet is equipped with smooth-rolling wheels.
  • Folds down in seconds, so you can take it with you anywhere.
  • The mattress isn’t the best we have found. You might change it at some point.
  • A toy mobile of any sort could have added some entertainment factor to the bassinet. But that’s okay as you can add a mobile later.


3. MiClassic All mesh 2 in 1  Bassinet

Dimensions: 37.4” L x 23.8” W x 28.0” H

Weight Capacity: 33 lbs

miclassic All mesh 2in1 Stationary&Rock Bassinet

The Miclassic is one of the most popular bassinets you can find. It’s a big bassinet made for big babies and it’s quite evident from its size and the weight limit. The rocking combo is unique and something that not a lot of bassinet has managed to crack.

Like most bassinets, the Miclassic has a mesh surrounding to allow breathability and visibility. However, it doesn’t open up as some models do and so you can’t use it as a bedside sleeper. In some parts of the mesh, there are thin strips that cover the sides of the bar. Is there any chance your baby might suffocate on it? That’s highly unlikely as its too thin and insignificant to cause any troubles.

The bassinet doesn’t have any wheels. So, you can’t roll it down to the other room. But it’s not heavy enough that you can’t lift it. In fact, the feet of the bassinet folds inward and technically convert the bassinet into a rocker. The rocking motion isn’t too much but enough for the baby to calm down. This rocking feature and considering the size of the bassinet really makes it the best bassinet to buy for your big baby.

The most useful among all the features is the ability to fold this bassinet with just a pull. All you got to do next is remove the legs and then pack them into the back that comes along. It’s super easy to do and you can travel with it anytime. Some users have complained about the legs being hard to remove. But we think it’s better to be hard than so smooth that it comes off easily. It’s safer for the baby this way.

This bassinet doesn’t come with any sheets. Miclassic does sell sheets for this bassinet, but they are still small in size. You can check out the American baby Company Sheet which was recommended by some of the users or get pack-n-play sheets.

  • Turn the feet inwards to convert the bassinet into a rocker and soothe your baby.
  • Folds easily into a compact 22.8” L x 6.7” W unit and carry it as a travel crib.
  • Lightweight design allows you to move it with ease.
  • Large and wide frame with a higher weight limit is great for larger babies.
  • It doesn’t have any wheels to roll over and that’s the trade-off you need to make between a bassinet that moves and a bassinet that rocks like a charm.
  • Some users reported about a bump in the middle. However, this isn’t true and could be a technical problem because of not pushing on the bassinet enough and making it super flat.

4. INFANS Baby Bedside Bassinet

Dimensions: 37” L x 22” W x 32” H

Weight capacity: 33 lbs

 INFANS Baby Bassinet

The Infans baby bassinet is quite similar to that of the Angelbliss. It’s also a suitable bassinet for bigger babies because of its longer, wider structure and higher weight limit when compared to usual bassinets in the market. The only difference is it doesn’t have wheels on it and so you need to move it by raising it from the floor. Overall, it’s a sturdy bassinet that can you can use as a bedside sleeper as well.

The bassinet has a mesh wall that can be opened on one side to use as a bedside sleeper. All you need to do is secure the bassinet to the bed using the anchor provided and you get to have your baby close to you.

Both the legs have adjustable height settings. You can raise the bassinet from 15-in to 19.5-in to 18” in 7 levels. That’s good enough to use with different beds, sofas, and other furniture. The good thing is as you can individually set the height of the legs, you can keep the bassinet at an angle. Babies with colic or acid reflux can definitely benefit from this.

You will get a mattress with this bassinet and it’s thick enough to comfort your baby. It comes in the dimensions 32.7” L x 19.7” W x 1.1” D. The only thing you need to buy extra is a mattress sheet so your baby’s soft skin doesn’t hurt.

The frame is sufficiently stable and the non-slip feet also help it to stay stable. The strong steel tube structure makes sure that the bassinet will last long. It does have a side-to-side wiggle, but it’s nothing significant to cause safety issues. The outside of the bassinet is covered with linen and the inside with peach leather. All of them are super safe for your baby.

  • Adjust heights in 7 levels to access the bassinet easily from your bed or sofa.
  • Height can be adjusted on both legs individually to create suitable angles for the baby.
  • Has a large storage space that you can use to keep important baby items close.
  • Comes with a 1.1” thick mattress that can keep the baby comfortable.
  • You won’t get a mattress sheet with this bassinet. So, you have to spend a little more on sheets.
  • No wheels, so you need to physically move the bassinet.

5. Dream On Me Skylar Bassinet

Dimensions: 35.25” L x 22.25” W x 30.5” H

Weight Capacity: 25 Lbs

Dream On Me Skylar Bassinet

The Dream On Me, despite having a few flaws is still one of the best bassinets available for big babies. Design-wise, it’s quite functional, has an aesthetic look to it, and can keep your baby safe.

If you go by the size, yes, it’s a big bassinet having a length of 35.25”. A tad smaller than Baby Joy, but not by much. The most useful feature that Dream On me brings is its adjustable legs that can go from 26.5” to 30.5” in 5 levels. That’s just what you need to use it as bedside sleep. You can access it easily from any bed that has a maximum height of 24” from floor to the top of the mattress.

The height of the two legs can be changed individually, so you can make the bassinet inclined to one side. This can work wonders for colicky babies. The front legs are adjustable so it bends inwards giving you enough space to keep the bassinet closer to your bed. Although there are wheels on these front legs, they are almost useless as the other legs don’t have any wheels.

We think the build quality is good enough as the frame is made from aluminum. It does have side-to-side wobble which is common in most bassinets, but it doesn’t wobble front to back. There were some issues raised by users about the stability. However, once you install the stability bar underneath the bassinet, there shouldn’t be any issues whatsoever.

The Skylar Dream On me does come with a 1-in mattress pad. However, the quality of the mattress isn’t up to the mark for long-term use as it happens with most bassinets. So, you might have to look for another mattress pad. Mattresses with dimensions 34.5Lx20.5 Wx1H inches will fit the bassinet perfectly.

This bassinet can be technically folded away into the bag that comes with it. The problem is the instructions are too much complicated and you will have to break it down into pieces which aren’t easy to put back in quick time. So, it’s not much suitable for frequent traveling.

  • Unique design and aesthetic appearance makes it a treat to watch in the nursery.
  • Adjustable height gives you the freedom to use it as a bedside sleeper with different kinds of bed.
  • The height of the legs can be separately adjusted so you can tilt the bassinet and minimize your baby’s acid. reflux.
  • The legs can be folded inwards to close the gap between the bed and the bassinet.
  • Although the bassinet comes with a mattress, the quality isn’t great. It’s a bit on the stiffer side. You can purchase a mattress later.
  • There are wheels only on the front legs. So, technically you can move it around but that doesn’t help too much.


How to Choose an Appropriate Bassinet Bassinet for a Large Baby?

1. Bassinet size and weight capacity

A baby can use a bassinet up to 4-5 months and in some cases up to 6 or 7 months depending on her mobility. The average height (in this case length) of babies in their 4-5 months period could be 25.2” to 26”.

But not all babies will have the same size. Some babies will be bigger and taller than average sizes. In that case, you need to buy bassinets made for taller babies. So, any bassinet having a length of 37” or more should be your first priority. You can also look for the width as well which should be 22” or more.

Bassinets with such dimensions will support your growing baby until she outgrows it.

As with higher dimensions, the weight limit can also become a factor. Make sure your bassinet has at least 20lbs of weight capacity or higher.

2. Breathability & visibility

A bassinet should definitely have both its sides covered with mesh if not all four sides. The mesh fabric allows air to pass in and out. It also prevents babies from suffocating if they accidentally get their face against the wall of the bassinet. The Angelbliss Baby bassinet has mesh on all four of its sides which is perfect for babies.

Moreover, the mesh wall also acts as a sort of window for you to have a close watch on your baby. Otherwise, you won’t be knowing what your baby is up to from distance.

3. Design and functionality

The design and functionalities of bassinets also matter. Apart from just being a standalone crib, a bassinet could also be used as a bedside sleeper. A lot of the models we reviewed have this functionality. Generally, one of the mesh walls could be lifted down to create a passage. You can then keep the bassinet closer to yourself and interact with your baby from the comfort of your bed.

4. Adjustable height settings

Bassinets with adjustable height settings are much more functional and useful. You can lift the bassinet higher up so that comes in the level of your bed, sofa, or wherever you are. Without this functionality, you are limited to a stationary bassinet and that will still be useful but will have limitations.

In some bassinet models, you can adjust the height of the legs individually. So, this gives you the freedom to set the bassinet in various angles to prevent acid reflux.

5. Portability

Wheels underneath the bassinet could give you more flexibility. So, you can move the bassinet along with the baby from one room to another. Is it too much necessary? Depends on how you like to use the bassinet.

A lot of the bassinets will fold down into a compact shape, so you can put it inside a bag and carry it anywhere. This functionality could be important for parents who travel a lot with their babies.

6. Accessories and extra functionalities

Having a few extra pieces along with the bassinet can be useful. For example, if your bassinet comes with a diaper station or diaper rack, this could save you extra money. Storage space on the side or underneath the bassinet isn’t uncommon. These little things can have an impact on your purchase.

Sometimes. Bassinets will come with either mattress or mattress sheets. But in most cases, the quality of these free stuff isn’t up to the mark. So, you need to buy them separately depending on what you get with the bassinet.

7. Safety and certifications

For safety, the first thing to look at is whether the bassinet has a stable base and if there is any history of toppling. If there are wheels, they should have a locking mechanism. If there is a bedside sleeper function, it should have a strap to secure the bassinet to the bed.

For peace of mind, you can look for the following certifications in your bassinet: JPMA, CPSIA, ASTM, and other such certifications. You don’t need to have all of them. Just make sure the product has at least one of these certifications.

Final Thoughts

If you are still not sure, you could blindly go with the Baby Joy 5-in-1 Bassinet. It’s the best ever bassinet for a big baby as it is super spacious and has a lot of extra features that can save you money. Apart from being a bassinet, you can use it as a bedside sleeper and diaper-changing table. It even has a diaper rack to store diapers.

For a more simple solution, the Dream On Me Skylar or the Angelbliss can also be a good option.

Bassinets are safe for babies. But you need to still keep an eye on them as babies can always get into trouble when someone isn’t around them. 

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