Show and Tell Letter Y (20 Ideas) – 2023 Updated Guide

Y is quite an interesting letter as words that start with Y are fun to pronounce.

However, items with Y are not in huge numbers. Still, we found 20 words that you can teach your child today and also let you know how to show them.


20 Show and Tell Ideas That Start With Y

  1. Yo-Yo— Yo-Yo is quite a classic toy for kids that makes their boring pastime interesting. Give them one to play. They will learn the name by themselves in no time. 
  2. Yard— Yard is a length measuring unit. It can be a little hassle for you to teach them how to measure it. What you can do is buy a wooden yardstick and show it for reference. 
  3. Yarn— Show your little one a yarn cone and tell them the name. 
  4. You— Make sure that your child doesn’t confuse this pronoun with a specific person’s name. But it’s okay for little toddlers to get confused. They will get it right once they grow a little. 
  5. Yawn— Perform yawns in the funniest ways possible in front of your kid while teaching them the meaning of yawn. Kids remember funny things better. 
  6. Yellow
  7. Yummy— Whenever your kid is enjoying his food, encourage them to say the expression out loud. They will learn the word before even realizing. 
  8. Young— Make a comparison between an old person and a young person to make your child understand what this word means. Do the same, show an old and an young person 
  9. Yes
  10. Yolk— Separate a yolk from the egg while making an omelet for your babies whilst watching you. 
  11. Yam— Yams are yum and full of nutritions. Good for your kid’s diet as well. So, next time you buy some, show it and tell the name. 
  12. Yacht— You can show videos or pictures of yachts while teaching the word to your children. But if you have a pool in your backyard, you can be creative about it. Buy your kids their personal yacht. No worries, we aren’t talking about real yachts (unless you are a crazy rich parent 😛 ). There are some yacht-like pool floats available on the market. Your kids will not only learn the name but also love having it. 
  13. Yoga — Take your child with you on a yoga mat and perform some easy postures together. Tell them what you are doing. For reference, you can use pictures of a yoga performer, videos or sometimes similar.
  14. Yell — No, never do that to your child just for the sake of teaching a word. But if you watch a movie or cartoon with your child where you see someone yelling. Teach them the word that instance. 
  15. Yoda— The famous character from the “Star Wars” is quite popular amongst kids. You can get a costume inspired by Yoda or a stuffed animal to refer to and ask your children. 
  16. Yeast— You can bake a pizza for your child while introducing this ingredient to your child. Tell them interesting facts about fungi if they show interest.
  17. Yogurt
  18. Yak— Yaks are not that common. So, the only reference can be a google image or some videos on yaks
  19. Yurt— Although a traditional Yurt is a Mongolian portable round tent which is made of skin and felt, you can make a DIY yurt or buy something similar with your child for playing and introduce it by its name. 
  20. Year— Show a calendar and show the year on that calendar. Explain how many days make a year, how to count it and all. Next time, ask them the same questions and see how they reply.It may take a few efforts for them to understand but they will.


Final Words

The show and Tell game is a perfect educational game to play with children. In case you are searching for the next letter for the game, check here

We have covered a lot of other letters for you too. Make time to check them all out and play with your kids. 

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