Show and tell letter X (29 Ideas For Preschoolers)- 2023

For a child, it’s really tough to pronounce ‘X’. Sometimes, it sounds like ‘ax’ and sometimes like ‘Z’ or ‘S’.

To enrich your child’s vocabulary, you can show him the following items and hopefully, he will get used to the uses of the letter X.

Some of these words are common and a lot of them even I didn’t know before I started writing about them. So, it would be worth reading them!


18 Show and Tell Ideas that Start X

  1. Xylophone— The xylophone is a super fun musical instrument. You should definitely give your kid a toy xylophone to have a good time.
  2. X-Ray— You can’t show an X-ray as that wouldn’t be practical. But sure you can get a doctor cart kit for your child and among different medical toys, it should have an x-ray.
  3. X— The Alphabet X. Show it to your child and also encourage her to write it on paper
  4. Xerox paper— The white papers used for photocopying documents
  5. X-men action figure— A Wolverine action figure might be enough to make your child fall in love with X-men.
  6. X-box— It’s a gaming console and there’s a high chance you might have one at home.
  7. Xenomorph— Anything that has a weird or unusual shape and is often referred to as aliens. There are a lot of alien toys and figures that you can show to your kid.
  8. Xenon— The colorless gas Xenon. You can get an illustrated periodic table and show different elements like Xenon and others.
  9. Xmas— It’s Merry Christmas!!
  10. Xanthene— You can’t show xanthene. But you can definitely print the chemical structure of xanthene and show it to your kid.
  11. Xylography— Engraving on wood is known as xylography. You can even make it yourself or get one from a crafts shop.
  12. Xylophonist— The one who plays the xylophone
  13. Xerophilous— Plants that grow in dry climates like cactus
  14. Xystus— A garden passage covered with plants and trees. Walk into a local park and show it to your kid.
  15. Xylem— You can show the xylem tissue from any botany book.
  16. Xebec— A Mediterranean ship was used in the 16th-19th century. You will find a picture of it easily on google.
  17. Xenolith— A rock inside another rock. You might find one in your backyard or just a simple picture would be easy to understand.
  18. Xouba— A type of Sardina fish

Show and Tell Letter – Words with X in them:

  1. Axe— A common tool used for chopping wood and you can show it to your kid if you have one. Or, at least show him a toy version.
  2. Ox— Yes, a stuffed ox can be your baby’s next birthday gift. They even look adorable!
  3. Ambidextrous— If you have a friend or someone in your family who can use both his left and right hand equally, introduce him to your child.
  4. Chatterbox— A talkative person
  5. Cox— The main leader of a ship’s crew. If your child is into pirates and boats, you can call him cox as he might act as the leader of a pirate ship.
  6. Excursion— Whenever you go around the park or travel to a destination, tell your kid that you are out on an excursion.
  7. Extinguish— A toy water gun that looks like a fire extinguisher can be a good way to make your child understand what extinguishing means.
  8. Expandable— It’s hard to make a child understand what expandable means. The easiest way is to find an expanding toy like rubber spheres and stuff like that.
  9. Box— That’s easy. It’s probably the first few words your baby will learn.
  10. Asterix and Obelix— An easy way to help your child learn to pronounce the letter x would be to buy him an Asterix figure. These are super cute characters and your child might find them entertaining.
  11. Antioxidant— Every time your baby drinks orange juice or grabs an orange, tell her that it contains antioxidants that are good for health.

Final Words

These words/items are good enough to teach your child about ‘X’. Next, you can move on to the letter Y.

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