Show and Tell Letter U (39 Ideas) – 2023 Updated Guide

The letter U can be pronounced as ‘EU’, ‘Aa’ or ‘Oo’. So, there is some sort of confusion that a kid might face.

A good way to teach your kid is to show or at least tell about the things that have U in them. This could be toys, movie characters, or things from everyday life.


Here’s a list that you might find useful.

39 Show and Tell Ideas that Start With U

  1. Uber— The next time you ride in a Uber car, let your kid know what this is.
  2. Ultraviolet ray— Show the sun and tell your kid that the sunlight is ultraviolet ray.
  3. Ukulele— It’s a four-stringed guitar and you can get a toy version easily online.
  4. Uno— The classic card game never gets old. You can certainly play UNO with your kid.
  5. Utensils— This is a tough one to pronounce. But you can buy toy utensils and let your kid play with them and hopefully he will get used to the word.
  6. Uniform— A cosplay uniform can definitely help!
  7. Unicorn— The word unicorn is a great way to show and tell the letter U. There are a lot of cartoons and movies that have unicorns. You can watch ‘My little pony’ together.
  8. Unzip— Zip and unzip a bag and show it
  9. Up
  10. United States— Find a world map and show where the United States is.
  11. Unicycle— If you have someone around who rides one, you can show it. Or, you can buy a 12-in unicycle if your kid is between 3 to 5 years of age.
  12. Unhappy— Yes, make some faces!
  13. Us— Make a family hug and tell that this is us!
  14. Upside down— You can certainly become upside down and show it to your kid.
  15. Underground— Dig some soil and plant some trees or seeds. Your child might find it interesting.
  16. Under
  17. UFO— Maybe it’s just the perfect time to watch the movie E.T again!
  18. Underwater— Jump into a swimming pool and let your kid know that you are underwater!
  19. Cup
  20. Gun— A water gun should be perfect to teach your kid some different uses of the letter U when it is not at the beginning of a word.
  21. Jug— If you have bought a kitchen accessories toy, it should have a jug in it. 
  22. Unity— Do something with your kid or maybe solve a puzzle together and let him know that this is unity.
  23. Uncle
  24. Urban— Show some pictures of villages and cities and tell her which is urban
  25. Upstairs— Walk up the stairs every time and tell her
  26. Unbuckle— This could be the easiest way to show and tell letter U as kids love getting into the car. Just say unbuckle your belt a bit loud and clear.
  27. Unbreathable— This could be something that is awful to smell. Whenever your kid makes his clothes dirty and smells bad, tell him that the smell is unbreathable.
  28. Unbreakable— Throw in a rubber ball and tell your kid that it’s unbreakable. Or, get an unbreakable magic wooden man toy to have awesome fun!
  29. Mule— Show your kid a picture of a mule or a youtube video.
  30. Tune— It’s tough to make a child understand what tune is. Still, the next time you play a song or a lullaby start humming the song and tell him that this is the tune and the words are lyrics.
  31. Umpire— A sort of referee in cricket! If your kid loves cricket, you can act as an umpire.
  32. Umbrella

Final Words

Next, you can teach your kid the letter V and show it. Your child doesn’t need to learn every single word. Make sure he learns every single word properly.

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