Show and Tell Letter R (40 Ideas with Details)- 2023 Guide

You can never go short of words starting with the letter R. We have listed only 40 in this article. 

So, gather up your kids and start the game of show and tell letter R right now.  


40 Show and Tell Ideas that Start With R

  • Ribbon –  Art and Crafts always amaze kids. Get different color ribbons and let your child wrap some gifts using those. 
  • Rainbow – Get a rainbow night light for your kids. They will learn the name and love the thing too.
  • Robot –  Kids often take interest in cars and robots. You can show your child a robot toy to give an idea about robots.
  • Rice
  • Rat –  Finding a real rat is tough and that’s good. If you have a pet cat at home, you can bring a moving rat toy for it. Your kids will learn while playing while teasing the cats with that rat.
  • Raccoon –  Show a picture or video on racoon. You can also take them to safari parks where you can show and tell the letter R for Racoon. 
  • Rhino –   A Rhino stuffed animal is a must-have for toddlers. Show them one of those, and they will memorise it themselves.
  • Raisin
  • Rabbit
  • Rose –  Plant a rose plant in your backyard garden and let your kids water it daily. 
  • Ring –  Show them the ring from ‘The Lord of the Ring’
  • Race car –  Most car toys are designed with the inspiration of a racing car nowadays. Show such one or a picture or videos of real racing cars. 
  • Rapunzel –  The famous cartoon character from ‘Tangled’ is children’s favourite. If your little one has watched it already, they probably remember her.
  • Robin Hood –  Little boys love this famous fictional character so much that they often want to dress like him. Show the classic costume of robin hood, your kid will answer it
  • Rock –  You can either refer to a stone or the famous wrestler Rock to show and tell the letter R for Rock. 
  • Rex (from Toy Story) –   Have you watched ‘Toy Story’ with your kids yet? 
  • Road
  • Rattle – Use a rattle toy for reference.
  • Radio –  Well, it’s no longer the era of the FM radio anymore. However you can buy a portable radio for your kids for a change or you can show them a picture of a radio and explain how it works. 
  • Rope
  • Rocket –  Show a toy rocket as a reference to help your kid guess the word. 
  • Roller Skates –  Roller skates are fun and a very great physical exercise for children. You can show a video of boys playing roller skates or get one for your kid instead. They will never forget to mention its name once again. 
  • Reptile –  Show the picture of a crocodile or a snake or an iguana, or altogether. 
  • Rug
  • Rules –  You can write down a list of rules of your kid’s favorite game, such as football or cricket. Let your child guess the word themselves. 
  • Root –  Pick up some grass or veggies from your backyard garden and show the root of it to your kid and ask the word. 
  • Rhyme –  Say any known rhyme to your kid and ask them what kind of poetry it is. 
  • Raincoat
  • Racket
  • Rectangular –  Draw a rectangular shape or show anything that comes in that shape as in a book or a TV monitor.
  • Red
  • Rooster –  Play the rooster sound and ask which animal is it. Or you can simply show a picture of it too. 
  • River
  • Roof
  • Rubber –  Use a rubber plant or a rubber band as reference. 
  • Riddle – Show an image of the famous character Tom Riddle from Harry Potter.
  • Ruler
  • Remote Control
  • Refrigerator
  • Rocking chair

Final Words

If you are done with the Show and Tell R letter for today. Don’t worry, we have more for you.

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