Show and Tell Letter E (25 Ideas) – 2023 Updated Guide

Playing show and tell letters is fun and instructive for the children at the same time. Our today’s pick is the letter E.

Let’s check out our list of 25 words starting with E. We will also tell you how you can visualize these words to the little learners.


25 Show and Tell Ideas that Start With E

  1. Earphone –  Well, we all have one or two sets of earphones at home. Show your child how to use them and teach its name.
  2. Egg –  You can show some real egg or be a little creative about it. You can get your child some interesting egg toys that they can touch and play with.
  3. Easel –  Get your child one, teach them what it is called and how it’s used. They wouldn’t only tell the name, they might even surprise you with amazing artworks too.
  4. Elsa –  Watch the movie “Frozen” with your little champ and they will never forget the famous fiction character again.
  5. Easter bunny –  Which parent hasn’t already told their children the folkloric tale of Easter Sunday and the Easter Bunny and the Easter Eggs? Just show any fictional picture of it or show them an Easter Bunny costume, or a stuffed animal and ask. They surely will get you.
  6. Elephant –  Show them a picture or an elephant stuffed animal.
  7. Eagle – A picture or a video of an Eagle will help your child recognize it. Or, you can get a balancing eagle and let your child have fun.
  8. Elmo –  Have your children watched the famous children show Sesame Street yet? If yes, then show them any picture, video clip or a stuffed toy that looks like Elmo. They will tell you within an instance.
  9. Elena of Avalor –  Just like Elmo, Elena is children’s Another favourite character too. You can easily find Elena of Avalor toys on the market.
  10. Eraser –  Give your baby an eraser to erase some pencil art or writings. They will love it and remember the name.
  11. Elbow –  Teach all the human body parts like eyes, ears and elbows.
  12. Elf –  Children just love fictional characters like unicorns, elves and mermaids. So, if you already have introduced the elf while watching Harry Potter, they might tell you right away whenever they see another elf.
  13. Eel –  The best way is to show your children the real eel fish. That way they will remember it better.
  14. Earrings – Moms, show your jewelry and introduce them to your child. You can explain how the rings for the ear are called earrings. Children are smart. So, hopefully every time you put on earrings from now on and ask your little ones, they will shoot the answer right away.
  15. Envelope – Take your little ones with you when you open up the mailbox to collect mails. Open up some envelopes and introduce what’s that.
  16. Eight –  If your children know all the ten digits, they will know it whenever they see it.
  17. Elevator –  Whether in your house or at a marketplace or a hospital, whenever you ride an elevator with your children tell them what an elevator is and how it works. The next time you ask them and wait for their reply. Hopefully they will say it right.
  18. Elastic –  There are thousands of household things that have elastics in it. Collect some different samples and show them to your little one. They will know the answer next time you show and ask.
  19. Eggplant –  Time for some healthy veggies. Make a delicious recipe with eggplant as a reward if your child guesses the veggie right.
  20. Eye or eyeglasses
  21. England, Egypt, Ethiopia etc. (on a map)
  22. Ear
  23. Earth
  24. Engine
  25. Elk

Final Words

These are 25 easy peasy words starting with the letter E that you can teach your children through the show and tell game. 

To explore our list with the letter F and so on, stay tuned.

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