7 Best Realistic Baby Dolls That Cry, Poop and Eat [Lifelike Dolls] – 2023

Dolls are great for lighting up a child’s imagination and having fun.

But normal dolls are unmatched compared to realistic baby dolls that cry, eat, poop, and talk. Realistic dolls provide a wide range of experiences and the ability to interact with them gives your child more room for imagination.


You will find hundreds of such dolls online. Some are too simple, some are too complicated. The dolls we have listed are easier to interact with and your child will love them in no time.

Some of these dolls might require batteries for moving and talking. Others will still poop and cry without any batteries. So, you can choose what works for your child.

Check them out…

7 Realistic Baby Dolls That Cry, Poop, Eat & Even Talks (2023 Reviews)

1. Toy Choi’s Pretend Play Series Baby Pink Doll

Toy Choi's Doll

Help your baby to learn basic life skills and have loads of fun with Choi’s Pretend doll. It’s a realistic baby doll that can cry, poops, eat, and even talk. The features and voice functionalities will keep any toddler under the age of 2 interested all day long.

This baby doll can make 4 different voices. She can cry, laugh, and also say ‘papa’ and ‘mama. So, it’s suitable for both girls and boys. You can use the bottle to feed the doll. When you push the bottle inside her mouth, she will make eating, sucking, and other kinds of cute noises. This works only with the included bottle.

The doll is 16-in and quite lightweight. Toddlers will find it easy to carry around. Moreover, the materials from which the doll is made are free from bisphenol and safe for the environment. The manufacture has done a great job removing all kinds of sharp edges and the doll is also soft to touch.

Although this doll can’t move, it does have eye movements. When you lay it down, it will close its eyes. And, when you pick it up, it opens its eyes. The interesting part is the potty. If you put the baby on the potty, it will start making a flushing sound. You will need to power up the potty separately with the included batteries.

Overall, Choi’s Pretend could be a great gift for your daughter’s or son’s birthday. The interactive aspect of the doll makes it more interesting and playable compared to other toys your baby might have.



Realistic Baby Doll That Eats and Poops

2. Baby Alive Magical Mixer Baby Doll

Baby Alive Magical Mixer Baby Doll

Are you ready for a doll that really eats, poops, and makes its diaper wet? The Baby Alive doll doesn’t need any batteries and doesn’t make noises. However, the fun of feeding your doll with real food is on a whole new level.

It comes with packets of doll food mix. All your baby has to do is put it inside the blender mix it and feed the baby. After that, use the bottle to feed the doll water. Yes, the doll literally eats and drinks as the food goes inside it.

As soon as the doll drinks water, it will poop and make her diaper wet. The package comes with two diapers only. So, you need to buy more if your baby keeps on feeding the doll.

A lot of parents were interested in how to clean the inside of the doll and if molds will form. The dress of the doll is removable and so you can get it off first. Then you can put water inside the doll and clean it. As the material is PVC, it will clean and dry off easily.

The doll food mix will run out soon. It’s made of baking soda, water, and food coloring. So, you can make it at home or maybe source from the manufacturer. We loved the simplicity and the idea behind this doll. Toddlers of any age will enjoy playing with it.



3. Baby Alive Happy Hungry Baby Black Curly Hair Doll

Baby Alive Happy Hungry Baby Black Curly Hair Doll

The Baby Alive Happy Hungry doll is a real talkative doll that can say more than 50 phrases. It’s also a moving doll that can give a totally interactive experience for toddlers.

This doll has a special spoon and when you feed her doll food with the spoon, it will respond with different sounds and phrases. When she speaks, her mouth moves too. After the feeding, the doll even dances. So, it’s one of the best dolls that talks and moves for you. The only thing missing is the doll doesn’t close her eyes if you lay it down which is a pretty common feature in such kind of dolls.

You can also bottle feed the doll and it will pee and poop inside the diaper. So, you will need to change the diaper as well. You will get two diapers with the package. So, you can reuse the diapers after washing or buy more.

You can switch between ‘dada’ and ‘mama’ mode. So, it will be suitable for both girls and boys. Overall, this is a cute doll with loads of interactive features and can make any child laugh and have fun.



4. Baby Born Surprise Magic Potty Doll

Baby Born Surprise Magic Potty Surprise Doll

The Baby Born Surprise Magic potties with glittery pee and surprising charms. It’s a simple doll that won’t require batteries to run. The overall outfit is cute and adorable which kids aged between 2-3 years will definitely love.

Along with the doll, you will get 10 doll food packets, 10 potty pods with charms, a pacifier, plate, spoon, sippy cup, potty, and hairbrush. So, that’s a lot of stuff with a single doll.

You can feed the doll food and water from the sippy cup. Then you will have to put the doll on the potty move it clockwise and the doll will pee. Then comes the magic. The pee dissolves the paper pod and the surprise charm is revealed. The only problem is you can’t buy extra food or surprise charms.

Some parents might find it gross, while others don’t care as the kids find the doll pretty interesting. When you run out of food and charms, you can keep them just like a normal doll. It has soft brushable hair which can be combed using the included comb.



5. Mealtime Magic Mia Interactive Feeding Baby Doll

 Mealtime Magic Mia Interactive Feeding Baby Doll

Nothing can get more real than the Mealtime Magic Mia doll. She calls out when she’s hungry, moves her mouth, reacts to food, and also yawns before sleeping. It’s the best lifelike doll you can ever find.

The most interesting part of the doll is its reaction to food. It has an interactive food tray and spoon. When you stick the spoon in the food tray and put it in the mouth, the doll reacts with sounds and phrases. There are 10 different foods and you can make it 50 if you dip the spoon in 2 food items. The doll will let you know how the food tastes.

This doll can speak in 3 languages- English, Spanish, and French with over 70 sounds and phrases. So, your child can learn lots of new words as she plays with the doll.

It’s a super cheerful doll that will giggle as you bounce her up and down. And when she gets more excited she will blow a raspberry at you. You can also use the interactive bottle and the doll will suckle it. And when you remove the top, it acts as a pacifier and you can soothe her with it.

As you keep on feeding the doll, you will notice its lips will start peeling at some point. This is a common issue and it won’t hamper the functionality of the doll.



Realistic Baby Doll That Cry

6. Cry Babies Lady The Ladybug Doll

Cry Babies Lady The Ladybug Doll

Do you think your kid will love a cry baby doll that needs love and cuddles? The ladybug doll cries real tears and also stops crying as a real baby does. It’s a great way to make your kid learn about babies and how to cope up.

With each doll, you will get a pacifier. As soon as you take away the pacifier, the doll will start crying. If you add water to the back of its head, it will shed tears. The water drops just a little and it won’t make a mess.

To calm the baby, you can lay her down, give her cuddles or rock her. She will stop crying completely. There’s also an off switch to turn the crying off if the crying bothers you too much and you don’t have the time to calm the doll.

The doll comes with an animal print onesie. If your kid becomes bored with it, you can also change it or maybe get a few different onesies to dress the doll. For more fun, you can move the arms, legs, and head as they are fully articulated. We noticed that the head of the doll is pretty heavy and it doesn’t stay up on its own.



7. Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby

Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby (Brunette)

The Baby Alive Sweet Tears has similar kind of features compared to the Ladybug Doll. However, it has more interactive features and can change its facial expressions when crying. So, it’s quite fun to have it around.

Along with the doll, you will get a stethoscope, thermometer, bandage, tissue, juice box, and a brush. Her nose will light up red sometimes and you can use the tissue and pretend to blow the nose. And when you feed her water from the juice box, she will shed real tears. While the other stuff can be used to pretend play.

The quality of the doll is good enough to handle rough play. Let your kids play with it all day long. This doll can speak in both English and Spanish with over 35 plus phrases and sounds. You can even switch the mode between mommy and daddy, so it’s a gender-neutral doll by all means.

Like the Ladybug doll, the top part of the doll is heavy. It won’t keep seated on its own. That’s the only issue we could find.



Why Realistic Baby Dolls Are Important for Kids and What Are Their Benefits?

1. Realistic Dolls Develop Your Child’s Social-Emotional Skills

Learning social-emotional skills at an early age can be valuable life lessons. Social-emotional skills include things like nurturing, caring and being able to respond to caregivers. Realistically, you can’t teach toddlers these skills simply by talking. Realistic dolls that can cry, eat and poop is great for this purpose. When the doll starts crying, your baby will respond to it and do what is necessary to make it calm. In the case of the Ladybug Doll, it stops crying when you cuddle it. As your child begins to play with the doll, she will also understand how you as parents care for her.

2. Get Them Away from Playing Video Games and Reduce Screen Time

Kids these days are growing with smartphones and lots of other screens around them. At some point, you will have to give them their own screen time to play games or watch cartoons. However, too much of this can harm them mentally and physically. A realistic baby doll that interacts can keep a child occupied and their screen time will reduce. Because these dolls are more fun to play with compared to a smartphone or gaming device that doesn’t have movements or real-life activities. 

3. Helps Your Child Prepare for an Upcoming Sibling

If you have a baby coming in a few weeks or months, you will need to prepare your current children to accept the baby and understand her. A realistic doll is probably the best way to make them understand what a baby is like and how to deal with her. These dolls cry like babies, eat and respond with phrases and they also have to deal with diaper changes. Your children will also learn to hold a baby the proper way. And when finally the baby comes home, your kids will know what they can do and what they can’t.

4. Enrich Vocabulary and Fix Pronunciation

The easiest way to teach your toddler new words is to let him play with a speaking toy. This could be anything from talking cars to musical instruments. However, dolls are more realistic as they mimic human babies. So, hearing a phrase or word from a baby will attract your kid’s attention better and they will learn new words faster. Also, their pronunciation will improve overtime as they try to mimic the voices.

5. Learn to Respond to Basic Human Needs

Toddlers often don’t understand what to do if someone is feeling thirsty or feeling sad. This can also happen to them as they can’t respond to their own needs. When they play with realistic dolls, feed it when it’s hungry, change its diapers when it poops, they slowly learn about basic human needs.

6. Getting to Know More About the Human Body and Clothes

In the early stages, it can be quite tough to teach a kid about the human body. Playing with a realistic doll that has eyes, hands, legs, nose, and other human details, your child will quickly catch the terms.

Because he will be able to see the body parts, touch them, and know their functions practically. And, not just that. You can even introduce your kid to the dresses the doll is wearing and hopefully they will remember the names.

7. Increases Imagination and Creativity

Imaginative playing is quite hard with a stationary toy that has no life. Realistic dolls move and talk which can help your kids to imagine different scenarios and pretend play.

For example, if you change your doll dress to something of a doctor’s, the kid will interact with it like how we would with a real doctor and develop social interaction and communication skills.

8. Let Your Child Behave Like a Child Instead of Thinking of Getting Old Soon

Fashion dolls are everywhere with vivid colors and fancy-looking dresses. Dolls like barbie encourage kids to grow up fast so that they can live the life of the dolls wearing expensive and fancy clothes.

This is the kind of message, you as a parent should not give to your children. Instead, get her a real-life baby doll that makes her learn more stuff about life and simple human emotions.

9. Realistic Dolls Can Act as Real Playmates and Prevent Your Child from Feeling Lonely

Growing up in cities, children these days have lesser playmates and people to interact with. The least you can do is get them life-like dolls that will act as playmates. As there is a sort of response and feedback, your child will not feel lonely.

10. Make Happy Memories That Will Last a Lifetime

These types of dolls will leave a bigger imprint on your child’s memories. She will carry those memories for her lifetime. After all, memories are worth keeping if they remind you of your childhood happiness.

What Is the Appropriate Age for Children to Play With Realistic Dolls?

Children can play with realistic dolls after 12 months of age when they begin to understand their surroundings and starts to pretend play. 14-18 months age is the best period to buy this kind of doll. Kids can play with them as long as they want until maybe age 6 or 7.

Final Words

Toy Choi’s Pretend is one of the coolest and super realistic baby dolls that cries, poops, and eats. It’s definitely worth buying for your toddler.

If you want something more simple, The Baby Alive Sweet Tears could be perfect. These dolls won’t cost a fortune and your child will have an awesome time with them. If you are not giving it as a surprise gift, you can even sit with your child and decide which one she likes most.

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